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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Kasım 2012, Cuma 14:04

CHP Earth:The AKP in the EU, nor sincere about new constitution

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CHP Deputy Chairman Erdogan Earth, the AK Party of the European Union (EU) is sincere about what to do about the new constitution, he said.

CHP Deputy Chairman Erdogan

Earth, the AK Party of the European Union (EU) is sincere about what to do about the new constitution, he said. Soil material that is seen as the language of these issues, the political vote, the AK Party is not a constitution in agreement, whether the leader who presided less compromising breaks open the way you want to do with it suggested that a constitution.

Written soil makes a statement, the Prime Minister made the comments after a trip to Germany for Turkey is big and heavy a misfortune, he said. Prime Minister 'instead of Eurozone TLzone' proposal in fact the AK Party, Turkey's EU accession efforts, dreams, and carries an attribute that eliminates the purpose of defending the Earth, the most important and critical issues on the agenda of the Prime Minister's country as they like, even your mind, irresponsible, talking without thinking about where this is going, the purpose of creating an agenda to change, said were being revealed.

the Prime Minister in charge of the world the reality of no meaning and importance of language not bring such a proposal, emphasizing the soil,"the Prime Minister's proposal is actually the AKP and its leaders the EU's political, social, cultural, historical, and economic development reveals not understand. This is why no tangible progress has been made regarding the AKP in the EU. Explained and trashed by the AKP the latest EU progress report is proof of that. progress report, headed by the Prime Minister and the government on the EU 'ilerleyemediğini, did not want to proceed' was revealed, the Prime Minister has been really uncomfortable. 10 years since the EU target that uses only seen as a tool for political contributions and votes, the Prime Minister and the government has taken a back seat now that goal now."he said.

" Prime Minister gave up on the new constitution"& lt; br/>

AK Party in a constitutional compromise, but leaders who give less compromising the constitutional president wants to do with her about the earth breaks open the way, he continued,"not to pave the way for Turkey's AKP, Prime Minister 'wants a new constitution to pave the way for a president. BDP'yle most criticized today, even in this work. AKP constitution are not aware of the meaning of a country and society. largest settlement is the text of the Constitution embraces all segments of society. society and the individual's the fundamental guarantee. But the AKP constitution seeks to guarantee not only the prime minister. wants a new constitution for Turkey, but the Prime Minister's fortune. AKP, CHP's new constitution, the work disappearance from the table and waited. koyunca We are here in a friendly manner the Prime Minister now I had to make a new maneuver. these, the Prime Minister did not want to compromise on a new constitution, the adoption of objection and confirmed, you want to reveal their requests., the result is that all of these explanations, the AKP is not sincere about what the new constitution, nor about the EU. This material issues are political vote. For this reason, no work, effort, and the request will not. AKP regime is idle for 10 years in Turkey. ruling and will continue to apply as long as this regime can not resolve any of the problems in Turkey. We CHP in Turkey become a full member of the EU, and our people will make every effort to get rid of the September 12 coup constitution."

CHP Earth:The AKP in the EU, nor sincere about new constitution" comments for.


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