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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 22:54

CHP from \"Validebag \"Walking Support

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A group walked to the construction site that responds to the ongoing construction of mosque construction in Validebag .

İstanbul news: CHP Party Assembly Group members gave support. Photo Üsküdar Validebag in construction of the mosque while protesting the construction of a group of about 500 people at 19.00 in Acibadem gathered in front of Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty . Here Validebağ group members also support CHP Istanbul Metropolitan Assembly , while CHP Tuncay Özkan joined the group towards the end of the walk. Press those groups from areas where the description reacted to the construction by taking frequent slogans. Photo Group here Ozkan made ​​a statement while doing the sit-in , \"the things we did the Republic of Turkey to the right hand extension to the bright future . In any society where women becoming victims of murder , trees murder victim when it is , if getting workers murder victim and you why killed if he asks are beaten there killers is dominated . I greet say lovingly to everyone who fought shoulder to shoulder , hand in hand on heart heart to establish the bright Turkey , \"he said . after the walk taken security measures of Photo Police team by the end of the statement made by the group disbanded without incident .

CHP from \"Validebag \"Walking Support" comments for.


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