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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:54

CHP Group Deputy Chairman of the Altai:\"I will donate my organs \"

CHP Group Deputy Chairman of the Altai:\
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CHP Group Deputy Chairman and Sinop deputy Engin Altay , announced that it would donate their organs .

Sinop news: Photo November 3 to 9 \"Organ Donation Week\"during the visit of the stands in Sinop which Engin Altay , noting the importance of organ donation , \"All civilized countries, a system of ongoing , after he died to save lives , to live organ of our other people before everything also great advantages to having organs but definitely need everyone to support this campaign. about organ donation are times when doubts and reservations of citizens in Turkey but certainly not all of us , this is a donation should do everyone . I have everyone I continue to support this campaign , \"he said . Photo \"Are you going to donate your organs ?\"As for the question Altai gave the following answer:Photo \"Our parliament will be something like this. Now we do there we do it. But of course, yes , we will donate our organs . \"We will forgive us our body'means not quite right , we've had our organs . \"
some citizens were found in the pop-up stand for organ donation .

CHP Group Deputy Chairman of the Altai:\"I will donate my organs \"" comments for.


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