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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:51

CHP Guler:\"Prompted to Ayyöş Administrative and Fiscal Federalism Income !\"

CHP Guler:\
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Birgül CHP İzmir deputy Ayman Guler , \"A two significant political parties talk.

İzmir news: Birgül CHP İzmir deputy Ayman Guler , \"A two significant political parties talk. What if all the talk of a political party has the right to tell the appropriate manner ,\"he said . Photo Guler, the Kemalist Thought Association , organized by the Department of Izmit Yahyakaptan European Charter of Local Self-Government participated as a speaker in a panel discussion on What . Former CHP Deputy Chairman Onur Öymen the speaker panel that was held in Kocaeli Higher Education Association. Photo Photo QUESTION HERE is Photo Birgül Ayman Guler , the European Charter of Local Self-Government ( AYYÖŞ ) in his speech explained the process begins with the history of the Charter were approved by Turkey. From 1 April 1993 the regulations in force in Turkey, Gul stated that already removed all reservations with the exception of two laws passed ; \"There are two paragraphs. These two paragraphs are not regulated by the Law. So Turkey has reservations still . Charter of the 9th paragraph 3 of paragraph 4 and Article 8 of the Convention. This is not no attempt for two. The issue is here. These two one of fiscal federalism second of the matter is administrative federalism. administrative decentralization or decentralization is not administrative federalism. it is also the financial provisions , \"he said . explaining that
fiscal federalism sharing an appropriate source equitable Guler, said:\"So with the central government I am talking about sharing revenue resources between the local authorities.'re me leave to which the oil revenues , it said my land . is that correct? Now that fiscal federalism , and you can not put out the changes to the law changes will pave the administrative federalism way . by their nature , these two agents want to amend the Constitution . it < strong> PKK-BDP-HDPE flank know very well. these two substances Ministers collusion is known to everyone in front of us can not be implemented by the Council of waiting for each other. For what ? For the new Constitution. \"Photo Photo ETHNIC NATIONALISM POLITICAL TOOL ! , indicating that
European Charter of Local Government Autonomy in Turkey converted into a political tool to meet the demands of ethnic nationalism Güler ; \"This is a direct state organization problems. Problems in the state organization will adoptthe principle of centralism will adoptthe principle of federation ? Question is all about , \"he said .
European Charter of Local Self-Government states that there is a contract forcing a federal organization CHP Guler, \"administrative federalism and fiscal federalism . These two when it is not necessary also to something else already , \"he said . Photo Photo Unitary State of the STOP THE called Photo Europe integrity of the administration in the new constitution with Local Self-Government Charter Guler stated that the abolition of the principle aim , said in his speech:\"For us, he wants us to give up the integrity of the unitary principle forms the raw material for the administration of state organization . I think the way to solve the current problems the unit is not to abandon the state policy in Turkey . Unitary state policy to strengthen the decentralization principle to establish a strong local government system that we can get around its single distance is the only target that we can follow. \"Photo Photo Let's remove WHY ? Photo CHP 's European Local Authorities in case of power Autonomy CHP highlight the significance of the'll admit words , Güler was continued as follows:\"Our official statement and our document has unfortunately these statements . European Local Governments if we will not accept the Charter of power . This provision was already accepted by the Republic of Turkey . I will remove all reservations. Why ? Why do I raise this reservations ? We will remove reservations when it comes to power today is meant to prolong flower Kurdish politics. Globalist politics to say yes. We do not shoulder the new constitution for Turkey. O is the global world will not be an obstacle if the new Constitution said . I'm bound values, I think we can not regard the course that you have to realize that my party's principles and Turkey belong in any way refer to the way that will harm Turkey's unitary organization in the framework of the European Local Self-Government Charter. Therefore, this crowd , we all uncertain alleged election goals of what that dark well I think we're too good to think. \"Photo Photo A POLITICAL PARTY OF TWO SIGNIFICANT talk ! Photo Guler specifying whether two significant spoken , \"we will be ruling the CHP says if you remove the European Charter of Local Self-Government , you're really saying something. You are committed to making changes in the Constitution in accordance with this requirement. It promised to rectify the Kurdish Hakkari tell you when you say that you'll do that for about the problem may not be possible. Because you are walking through two means . Two meaningful to speak of a political party . Whatever the promise of a political party has the right to tell if appropriate manner . But you can not wish to serve as a pledge of two opposite goals. If you do, you have deceived your own voters . Power demand can not be built on such a study , \"he said .

CHP Guler:\"Prompted to Ayyöş Administrative and Fiscal Federalism Income !\"" comments for.


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