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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 11:46

CHP Halloween Goes to Gaza

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CHP deputies in Ramadan is going to Gaza .

CHP deputies in Ramadan is going to Gaza . CHP Manisa deputy of them free , which includes a private CHP deputies in their statement , \"human shield in Gaza will create ,\"he said .
CHP under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman Parents Ağbaba a delegation of the Republican People's Party will feast in Gaza . Gaza will go to the team , the CHP Deputy Chairman of the Parent Ağbaba, CHP Manisa deputy Free Private , Istanbul deputy Nurettin Demir , Istanbul deputy Muharrem Light, Tunceli Deputy Huseyin Aygun , Istanbul deputy Mahmut Tanal and Ankara Deputies Levent heavens and Sinan Aygun take place. < br/>
CHP Manisa deputy Free private , said in a statement:
\"CHP description of this decision then Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with said we'd . interview today or Wednesday we plan to do . first Deputy Chairman our Parents Ağbaba under the chairmanship would go with the delegation meeting will do. important thing ,'Every time children are dying and we in Parliament a report we publish . a stable inappropriate is going on , but then this statement is forgotten and children dying continues. first time inappropriate to publish something outside should be performed underline . every time the top tone the hardest , but not come back explanations are not working. Declaration was made in Parliament that day and then the AKP , CHP deputies together for the first time joined the protest in front of the Israeli Embassy . But the slaughter continues . Then the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission have expressed our opinion . But they did not return to this issue yet . Moreover, the Prime Minister said that since last year , but we still have not gone to go to Gaza . This promise than a year has passed. \"
\"This we hit the road , \"he Speciality go there when they encountered would not know , said he was completed as follows:\"But the important thing , not the next feast in Gaza , if necessary, in front of the bombs dropped on children , and there is to be a human shield its mission to contribute to lasting peace and we know we're going down that road . No matter the difficulties we encountered along the way . Otherwise, if everyone thought these difficulties , mainly brutality , massacre civilians there , children will continue to live . \"

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