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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:09

CHP Istanbul deputy Melda Onur:

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CHP Istanbul deputy Melda Onur , \"Parliament is not just a fight .

CHP Istanbul deputy Melda Onur , \"Assembly fight is not just . Assembly where people live , and sometimes the girls that sometimes joked an environment where , show it ,\"he said .
CHP 's Honor , his internet to broadcast the answered questions from journalists about . Publication stating that the best way to honor the citizens stated that the general listened to speeches . Honor , Internet broadcasts , noting that expected by everyone , group vice president , deputies interviewed said he would do . A journalist of the charge be enough that the direction is the question of honor , \"'Syndicate. Org'tablets sent. They said,'8-hour charger that holds the tablet have . Him we are sending .'It brought . Slightly heavier but 8 hours of continuous publication we can make \"he said .
Honor , whether if you need help with , \"Very tired I help my friends ,\"he said . Publication for conducting expectations , stating that consists of Honor , \"Party of the Council to the President ,'Parliament TV to be opened'from their demand for money do not come,'will broadcast Are'he peak demand was . Such a request when making and you can not , do not I promised . Already closed session not . rationale for this is also very meaningless. Today 4 units minister in a corruption investigation by the requested another era yet . these as important in a session from citizens not right to keep . these claims . it , let's see . such us different methods of resorting to no meaning , \"he said . < br/> Honor , as the ruling party and do not go to the related question , said he might go . Honor , \"they wish , messages If they want to power as much empty. Party as our crowd. Former Minister just Erdoğan Bayraktar have seen . Other ministers have yet to see . Channel of've received the order . We've done ,\"he said.
Virtual attack indicating whether honor , \"AKP Group Deputy Chairman speaks , I am giving it . these ruling party's voters also serving the broadcast . Their support his Ministers . Individual media tasks I see ,\"he said .
Purpose of the Assembly's live show his face , saying that the honor , \"The secret with serene grace Türkkan nice to have a chat was .'Here MHP deputies HDPE with lawmakers chat , you see ,'I said . citizens , that sort of thing we can see. Sometimes, group vice president to each other harsh words söyleyebiliyorlar . We in the back row there's a fight surmise . then facing forward when we are in the chaff . Parliament is not just a fight , parliament where people live , sometimes joking and sometimes an environment where that girl , show it , \"he said .

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