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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:09

CHP Loðoðlu:The UN Security Council should work to secure a ceasefire

CHP Loðoðlu:The UN Security Council should work to secure a ceasefire
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CHP Deputy Chairman toMoscow,"Overview of the UN Security Council to ensure that the work of a cease-fire in Syria.

"he said.

toMoscow, assessments on the agenda at a press conference in Parliament. Loðoðlu, the attack on Turkish convoy in Mosul this morning,"those who condemn the attack. However, the AKP government created the environment that led to the attack on Iraq policy criticized in the same way, condemn it."He said.

Loðoðlu assessing the situation in Syria, allegations of use of chemical weapons in Syria, stating that it makes the situation more complicated , said that the UN inspectors report should be expected.

Loðoðlu,"Mr. Prime Minister, a deputy adviser, said it would be a suicide attack on Turkey, Syria ... Assad Assad against his own people, but do not say I did not leave chemical Suicide is also a kind of weapon to use. Something that will not catch on because of the intervention of an action or even the whole world is vengeful side, I suppose that much hesaplıyordur. Such a one can log Assad suicide, I suppose such a thing can be found Türkiye'ya attack caught hold on the mind."He said. Reacts during the intervention against Syria, while Turkey said it would address it. Loðoðlu,"the safety of life and property of citizens in terms of intervention in Syria , responsible for the extraordinary and dangerous for the security of the country are seeing."he said.

", seek a ceasefire in Syria, the UN Security Council"

Loðoðlu, CHP pointed out that a proposal in Syria, said :"The UN G afety any intervention in the absence of the decision of the Council shall be deprived of legality and legitimacy. More blood loss, such an intervention, it will mean more violence and conflict. Turkish citizens and Turkish security, life safety will expose threats. In this context, expressed by the Prime Minister to intervene in Syria, if it occurs, if a voluntary coalition of countries, the decision of the Security Council will not be deprived of the legitimacy and legality ... 7 of the Charter, Department of Threat of Peace, Corruption and Measures to be Taken in Case of Attack action 'is the title. This is the first article of the section 39 in accordance with the Security Council determines the measures to be taken in the event of disruption of the peace or threatening. According to this article can be found in the UN Security Council called for a cease-fire in Syria, and must be available. Threaten the developments in Syria. We recommend the work to ensure a ceasefire in Syria, the UN Security Council."

toMoscow, said the AK Party should be to strive for peace.

CHP Loðoðlu:The UN Security Council should work to secure a ceasefire" comments for.


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