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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 16:59

CHP Shock Resignation

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Zonguldak CHP provincial government held a press conference today at the party building of the provincial government announced that 18 people had resigned .

Zonguldak news:
at a press conference provinces managers Skies Coach, 3 June 2012 Since the task trying to do their Republican People's Party Zonguldak Province Board of Directors resigned from the membership , said:said:
\"2015 to be held in our city and our country's destiny regarding voting , the deputy general elections for the more warm, caring , reassuring all city, county , town organizations, and the success of targeted Republican People's Party we in this city people how to offer . single thought is what we , our idea how to realize these . today for that aRE COMPETING . this city to survive , social political and economic areas in order to develop , first of all institutions and organizations of peace and to establish possible. however, our city's future direction should give our politicians , stereotypes discuss issues go beyond failed . political between the vicious wrangling between institutions fights and disagreements province to the improvement of the biggest obstacle. Political and election propaganda of political parties during election periods should be done, should give a message to the electorate , immediately after the elections , on the future of the city to implement joint projects should strive to produce . These studies not only among political parties , the city should be run jointly between all institutions and organizations . Karaelmas land , labor, capital city of the province of Zonguldak , Zonguldak must be owned by residents . By politicians , mobilizing other community dynamics also produce policy worthy of our province and should give hope to future generations . If a seat if you live that seat to power , then the seat to meet the expectations you have . \"
\" seat is sitting in that seat to power MUST \"
Sema Koç , the CHP Zonguldak Governor Halil Furat'react to the statement continued as follows:
\"If you try to take power from that seat and you , as well as support and you are sitting in that chair is frustrated . Unfortunately, that is not you who support you lose , the future of the country and those who hope to be tomorrow . If you sit in the seat of a political koltuks , voters living in our city is what to expect from you . Primarily with the life around the sample is expected to be a respectable person . Smiling, friendly greetings , giving the audience one wants to be in communication with the temperature emit . Parties together togetherness messages , providing integrative , political ambition , non-party as a stepping stone blind , primarily with local governments in a constant dialogue with the party members with love and respect the principle of flag , engaged organizations gates sincerely holds it open , open, warm and friendly environment one that allows you expect to have . \"
city services but judicious own political ego away , between organizations love, respect, peace community , organization impersonal future of the country makes for power, which aims to be the electorate's demands open , friendly can respond explaining that it is possible to establish structures coach, said:
\"Provincial board member of our board of directors chairman Matthew Furat City and we can not supply the integrity of politics , we have observed that the widespread perception can not produce . These perceptions and observations as a result of our province political stalemate , at least our share fall as responsibilities towards the dude and Zonguldak peace will be done with politics pave the way for the 3 June 2012 Since the task we tried to do the Republican People's Party Zonguldak Provincial Board membership would resign . Us to this day our city for the future , we give support to all party members would like to thank . \"
\" expelled from the party SUCH \"
journalist made ​​a statement to CHP Provincial Governor Halil Furat process was evaluated as follows:
\"Friends 2-3 months since the events of Zonguldak busy agenda and the agenda of the CHP is experiencing. After the local elections, a painful process that began with the initiative to resign , resign this day continues with 18 of our friends . Process is going on . Of course, in case of resignation board of 11 falls. But we made our headquarters before the disciplinary board 8 friends prudent that we had a decision . FMC has given consent to the decision . 8 Our friend was referred to the disciplinary committee . Is expelled from the party concerned . 11 friends by reinforcing the party leadership to give the case to continue on our way . I do not know what will bring new processes . We'll go to headquarters for talks . Of course, we will assess the situation . Friends resigned. They gave themselves up to this day , thank you for contribution . Party committees will decide , if you had a good process to the detriment of the party and the friends of their board of directors will be reduced if they are caused . \"

CHP Shock Resignation" comments for.


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