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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 22:11

CHP Thompson:\"AK Party Became the Party of the courtiers \"

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CHP Deputy Chairman Gursel Tekin, \"The AK Party was the party of courtiers .

İstanbul news: That is why I want to express my shame to as a politician when I saw the pictures in the newspaper in the table , \"he said . Photo CHP Deputy Chairman Thompson, Maltepe Türkan Saylan the European Union held at the Cultural Center attended the opening ceremony of the International Relations Center . The opening made Thompson then answered questions on the agenda of journalists. Thompson, discussions with construction in Ankara in bringing about a question about the AK House, \"We are all very recent history we like to remember 2002, immediately after the election , the AK Party officials initially including Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Recep Ankara'I had been too harsh in criticism about the huge buildings. Only the building housing the seat of MPs also said he was not concerned with a very luxurious and very frankly I watched in amazement . For the first time a politician has identified this cumbersome structure in Ankara and they said that too. And if you even remember the programs were built on three things . So, corruption, poverty and would create a unforbidden Turkey. Opposition from us as we were rather too eager . For a long time will make this determination in Turkey should be called a political party were expecting. Output and political party that was something else , was the party of courtiers . That is why I want to express my shame to as a politician when I saw the pictures in the newspaper in the table , \"he said . Evaluating the policies regarding the peace process
Government Gursel Tekin, \"Power is like have a habit of critical things all over the world , any discussion of negotiations on politics but you can do things that can disrupt your inner peace between distressed or non-peaces not bring politics into the material. That is the way you look at all the democratic countries. So you getirmezs foreign policy into domestic politics. You pay a heavy price when you bring very serious . Finally, we are now faced with a very serious heavy price. Turkey was face to face with the problems experienced in any period. Resolution process or the name of the peace process could not determine a kind . If the name of this peace that no matter what they say. From the moment that this process began 76 million in interest , of course, can be hidden partially, but not to go behind closed doors of this problem should be clear that the majority is a deadlock itself properly, \"he said. One of the words advocating exactly known between the parties of a Photo Solution process continued,:Photo \"Now consider the ruling party MPs in the party does not know what this solution does not know HDPE deputies, does not know political parties in parliament. What is actually the solution now? What is the content of the solution? How much is dissolved how much is not resolved , we leave it to the public if , but I want to say that insistently emphasized , this issue is not a matter to be converted to domestic policy rey issue is very dangerous , in power , I believe that we should take in sensitivity on this issue . \"Photo Gursel Tekin, answered journalists'questions after the probe was removed therefrom.

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