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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:24

Chp was Distribute Ashura

Chp was Distribute Ashura
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Republican People's Party (CHP) distributed Adiyaman Organization Muharram due to asure .

Adıyaman news: Photo Alevi Dede in realized Ashura event in Democracy Park Mehmet Ali TUTAL was distributed after the Ashura party members and citizens of prayer. Photo Ashura Speaking at the distribution of the Central District Chairman Hanif Sergeant , Flat Muharram-i said they felt inside , \"Flat Muharram me once inside us feeling less alone we get it right. What is the taste of old Muharram is the Middle East . this day also takes the head of the Muslim Muslims as in Karbala. Both happened in Karbala , both 20. we live in the century, Isidor scourge of our heads that release , the Middle East'in the end of days to slaughter people brutally , the arrival of peace , tolerance and love , we will pray for riding in this region. I wish to be conducive to the peace of our this Aşure \"he said. the Photo Provincial Chairman Bilal Dogan in his speech, \"the Prophet. Karbala martyrs , including Hussein were kept fasting to commemorate worship . CHP family as our countrymen Adiyaman Hz . Hussein will find the Lord and not to forget the name of catering to asure entourage . 1375 years ago in Karbala massacre continues today in the Middle East . Our wish is , we wish to stop the bloodshed , the whole world is the dominance of peace. Hz . Biggest wish of Hussein and the companions had. Hz . We salute our Hüseyin Efendi and his respect and reverence . I hope to be instrumental in this asure the peace and tranquility of Truth Almighty , \"he said .

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