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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:25

CHP , what happened in the village of Yire Disclosures

CHP , what happened in the village of Yire Disclosures
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CHP İzmir Provincial Directorate, in the village of Soma's Yire made ​​a press statement on the removal of six thousand olive trees.

İzmir news: Photo CHP İzmir Provincial Vice President Ali Engin and Nurcan Adıgüzel , in the village of Soma's Yire upon removal of six thousand olive trees , held a press conference at the CHP İzmir Provincial Directorate . Every day , indicating that further increase of CHP İzmir Provincial President Ali Engin environmental awareness in Turkey , said Soma's would be a follower of the events of Yire village. Soma's Yire of the village in the removal of around 6 thousand trees claiming the that led to the nature massacre CHP İzmir is Adıgüzel Nurcan Provincial Vice-President gave the following statement:\"Today, here , we indicate that we protested against the tree carnage of the Soma's Yire village. Each these trees are 70-80 years, they remove an overnight business machines. all of this will take place are doing for thermal power plants . these cases are examples of view of the ruling of the environment. We are've basically stopped this tree massacre. We are calling Sensitive all citizens to take a stand on this and similar situations. guard to go with olive trees , villagers beating our brothers and sisters , we protest against this understanding that remove trees. \"during a Photo press release that the olive tree in the pot in front of the speakers did not escape attention .

CHP , what happened in the village of Yire Disclosures" comments for.


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