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  • 08 Şubat 2014, Cumartesi 08:12

Church Karma Crafts"Exhibition Start

Church Karma Crafts
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Uzunköprü connected to Edirne Municipality and prepared by the students of the University of Thrace"Mixed Crafts"exhibition by the Municipality of Uzunköprü house converted to arts and culture in the Church of St Ioannis started.

Edirne news:  Edirne connected Uzunköprü Municipality and Trakya University students"prepared by the Joint Crafts"exhibition Uzunköprü by the Municipality of culture and art house converted into St. Ioannis Church began.
Uzunköprü Municipality Culture and Art at home (St. Ioannis Church) organized exhibition opening Thrace University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr.. Solomon hard-nosed, Mayor Atty. Enis İşbilen, Governor Kemal Stars and citizens attended.
Speaking at the opening Uzunköprü Mayor Atty. Enis İşbilen, Uzunköprü Municipality as art and culture, the value is always in the foreground with an understanding of the movement, saying that, our municipality office as we come ever since, both our municipality, organized by both our county public-institutions-organizations and associations organized by all started to support artistic and cultural activities. Uzunköprü'ye way to correct this deficiency, we continue our work. In parallel, an opening date by completing the restoration of the church and provides an unprecedented number of tourists we have Uzunköprü'ye. Now Culture and Art House, Arts and Culture in Uzunköprü was to address the new,'' he said.
Exhibition, February 14, 2014 to Friday, during office hours can be visited.

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