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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 23:12

Çiğli AK Party"De"People's Day"Tradition Continues

Çiğli AK Party
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AK Party Çiğli District Organization,"public day"tradition continues.

İzmir news: AK Party Çiğli District Organization,"public day"tradition continues. Free Kane County Attorney's President, Çiğli concerned with the problems of the people expressed that,"We are a party emerged from the bosom of the nation. Adamsendecilik can not face the challenges of our nation. Our doors are wide open to our citizens,"he said.
in Izmir, a political party organization in the public practice on the former County Chairman, currently the AK Party Çiğli Mayor hopefuls, Adnan Yılmaz started and two years time, thousands Çiğlili's helped ease the pain that they are expressing District Chairman Kaner,"to our citizens the door shut we could not. Adnan President, your the one tradition we gladly are continuing. twice a week the Çiğlil the fellowman dedicating. Tuesdays and Thursdays we have organized these special people our days with disabilities from the needy, the job-seekers, from trouble at home with everyone in our strength and our means is sufficient help greatly're trying to be. those of us Prime Minister an instruction at the same time. because Mr. Prime Minister constantly with our people wants us to be. Çiğli Organization as at peace,"he said.
public day participating in the Çiğlili the other hand, the AK Party this application appreciated, said:"Very beautiful thing. many here are able to solve our problem. district president is listening to us, solve our problems. Their own God bless,"he spoke.

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