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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 15:34

Citizen-Police Cooperation was Bought Scams

Citizen-Police Cooperation was Bought Scams
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Call introducing himself as a prosecutor in Bursa party believed the woman appears , in cooperation with the police led to the arrest of fraudsters .

Bursa news: Bursa call himself as a prosecutor introducing party believed dominating women , police in cooperation fraudulent provides momentum .
In Bursa , call the person himself to prosecutors introduced as fraudsters , is looking for women's game has come. According to information received , S. M. Old women looking for fake prosecutor , \"Your Account hands of terrorist organizations has passed. Immediate banks need to go to . we bank will contact . you fake gonna pay . This money will give deposit, you need to ,\"he said .
on it defrauded understood that SM, on account of 23 thousand draw pounds , he said. SM outgoing side of the bank manager , \"Call the police , dolandırılıy \"I gave the director a written paper . Director's 155 hotline calls in motion by the Bursa Provincial Directorate of Police Yandol Bureau teams , banks in front of the woman met .
Money in the form of paper cuts and black bags of the team that , given the fraudsters centers Nilufer district of Sakarya Street went to the Rose Quarter . Fake prosecutor , stating that SM should not raise your hand next to a person directs said. Comes from the M.D. (24) SM offering fake money to the person named , was away from the scene . In the face of police who brewing MD, tried to flee but was detained a short time later . Of MD in the statement, said talking on the phone does not recognize the fake prosecutor learned. Suspicious persons , were referred to the court after a police statement .
Police started investigation into the incident was relevant .

Citizen-Police Cooperation was Bought Scams" comments for.


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