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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:05

Citizens \"Omnibus Law \"Call

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Fats County Tax Office Manager Cihan Yellow Army , bags under Law No. 6552 of the tax debt restructuring drew attention to the advantages .

Ordu news: Those who wish to take advantage of configuring Photo , borrowers should apply to the administration until the end of their working hours on December 1, 2014 . Fats Tax Office Manager Cihan said in a statement about the yellow issue , \"the scope of 6552 numbered Law permits the restructuring of certain receivables. The law was published in the Official dated April 11, 2014 newspaper and came into force. 6552 Law Article 73 in the collection of Tax Administration attached to the ministry of finance is that some took place arrangements for the structuring of public receivables. our Ministry contacts application business circulars and made in-house arrangements, such notification. tax liabilities to tax authorities , public debt , fees , penalties and default interest relating to them, overdue interest arrears, some administrative penalty payable and other payables to apply for as possible. so arranged penalties without being connected to tax non-dependent of this law along with will actually pay the penalty for specific irregularities are deleted 50 percent of those sentenced as misconduct penalties. More than 50 per cent as we tally the citizens we are charged with the tuff . a payment period of 36 months and 18 installments of this law . 18 installment is a paid every two months. Our language has the advantage that taxpayers pay their debts possibility to configure the law . Other payment options can be made depending on our citizens . We do not want our taxpayers any guarantee for making this installment . Forced on Debt configured taxpayers, will be made in enforcement proceedings , \"he said . Photo Yellow gave the following information:\"Our Ministry citizens with tax arrears living our whole country aware of this law is making a series of studies on behalf should learn the law. For the benefit of our citizens by putting this law they go to places most of the citizens are aware of these laws provide the necessary advertising . The debt of the past te debt of citizens who want to configure this terrific profits from this law. Payment facilities have been provided to our citizens. Let my people benefit from this law . \"Photo Manager also gives information about payment Yellow, \"Our citizens can pay this debt with credit cards from the system . All of this debt from banks and tax authorities are charged with . We are making tax came to our apartment we're the best in the bride's request that we try our best to help as we help the Tax Office Fats . Such a law ourselves, our visit Tradesmen come out and give information to our tradesmen and citizens to benefit from this law , \"he said . Photo Yellow description, concluded as follows:\"In addition, traffic fines, selection fines , civil penalties , military fines, bridges and the penalties due to improper transition from highway , Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK ) fines imposed , the municipal water source will be in use , the Metropolitan Municipality water and Sewerage Administration of water and waste water receivables from electricity consumption of TEDAŞ or electricity distribution companies as a shareholder receivables has also encompassed. \"

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