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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 15:16

Citizens were informed about Waste Oil Project

Citizens were informed about Waste Oil Project
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Bozüyük by the Municipality of waste oil to avoid environmental damage caused by waste vegetable oil will be collected and recycled \"Home from Waste Vegetable Oil Collection Project\"opened and closed the market place stands were informed citizens .

Bilecik news: Bozüyük by the Municipality of waste oil into the environment of the damage in order to prevent waste vegetable oil collected is recycled where \"Home from Waste Vegetable Oil Collection Project\"closed market place stands opened citizens informed .
Bozüyük by the Municipality implemented the \"Home of the Waste Vegetable Oil Collection Project \"with recycling of vegetable oil collected is aimed at . The project briefing before performing schools for schools, waste oil collection bins placed, then oil-producing waste across the county were visited restaurants and food processing facilities had been informed . Finally, on the subject of the citizens in order to increase awareness and information booths opened the indoor market place . Waste oil collection brochure distributed by the company was informed stantd opened . Citizens waste oil how to collect , sink and garbage spills 1 liter of waste vegetable oil 1 million liters of water sources , contaminating species cause damage to the sewer line blockage of , which is why recycling imparted to the oil waste into the environment any harm that the collected waste oil derived from income , 50 percent of'trays Turkey, Environmental Protection Foundation ( TÜÇEV ) donated for people with disabilities is to be used has been described.
put into practice with the project in the home vegetable waste oils ward , primary schools , mosques and municipalities created in collection centers collected. Everyone will have easy access to this collection centers placed in bins to be collected waste oils recycling of waste will be provided by the company taking .

Citizens were informed about Waste Oil Project" comments for.


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