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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:06

City Council Prepares Water And Traffic Report

City Council Prepares Water And Traffic Report
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Yalova President Şükrü City Council Leader , running water and two reports prepared by the sub-committee said it will offer in the coming days, municipalities and governorships in traffic issues .

Yalova news: Photo Yalova City Council began work fast . The city's two most important issues of water and traffic issues constitute two sub-committees and working groups of the City Council, began in the writing of the report. The Council for the moment attention will focus on these two issues City Council President Şükrü Leader, \"as City Council we had a meeting about two important issues . We have created a sub-commission . This commission Special Administrative Secretary-General Atilla Akoğuz headed . It was a meeting on the water. The Commission he completed his studies and passed the report writing stage. Thursday will come this issue to the executive board meetings. Again, I created a sub-working group on traffic. I also I chaired this group. this working group was made of the meeting.come by public transport about Middle East Technical University are working with the relevant authorities in Yalova this issue. we expect the completion of their studies. after preparing our report on these two issues Selim Cebiroğl Yalova Governor and Mayor Vefa Salman will deliver , \"he said .

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