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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 18:10

City Council President Semih Pala Third Time

City Council President Semih Pala Third Time
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Bursa City Council ( BKK) 3 in the general assembly , who served five years Semih Pala presidency , was re-elected unanimously .

Bursa news: Bursa City Council ( BKK) 3 in the general assembly , who served five years Semih Pala presidency , was re-elected unanimously .
Atatürk Congress and Culture Center ( Merino AKKM ) alternative to the Presidency in the General Assembly Hall , the current president of the signature of the participants was nominated Semih Pala . Another candidate is not plenary , silence and the National Anthem was being read . The City Council of the participants showed great interest in the general assembly , council chairman Ismail Hakki Kavurmacı , sofa memberships are Neslişah doubt and Enes Battal Sharp was elected .
The agenda before between 2009-2014 studies providing information about the BKK President Semih Pala, with volunteers Turkey's most powerful and biggest hands of the city council , he said . BKK on behalf of the participants for their contribution as Chairman of Bursa Thank Semih Pala , an annual average of one thousand five hundred activities undertaken said. 2009 since 5 years are beneficial to society deeds stated that they Pala, \"Bursa City Council as the city and our country that interests almost every subject had meetings . Town council to give something for the bride to get to, not . Volunteer work as a bride to the hearts desire to work is but this way is growing and going strong . town council , an umbrella organization and organization. town council , participating institutions supervisor is not . We also constantly these insights have tried . these thoughts as a result of Bursa city Council every sector has been recognized by , \"he said . < br/> city Council budget is not any reminding Pala, with the support and contribution of the Municipality that they have ample facilities , so they are doing exemplary work to Turkey expressed. Volunteers on behalf of Mayor Recep Altepe'ye Thank Pala, after the elections to elections of the BKK in his own , he said. City councils more healthy way of establishment and the purpose of conducting'City Council Handbook prepared stating Pala, \"every corner of Turkey've sent . Bursa City Council as a'Social Balance Line'understanding of working with have adopted . Supplier our everyone and open to all sections organized . Bursa , Turkey's largest and most powerful of the City Council of the city council is now in the labor because I'm proud , \"he said .
after the speeches were made in the presidential elections . Kavurmacı President of the Court , with the signatures of the participants again nominated for the presidency of the current president Semih Pala said. Another candidate in the absence of open onto the ballot in elections held at the end of the current president Semih Pala , unanimously re-two-year scholarship to the City Council , was elected president .
BKK President of Pala repeat itself two years BKK chairman appointed to the participants thanked . Board members said they would work at the same pace with Pala, you always expect the support of volunteers were told.
Principal and alternate members of the executive committee then made ​​it clear it was determined Ballot . Bursa City Council's executive board of the following names occurred
M. Necati Şahin , Lutfi Tasci, Şuayip Earth, Ceyhan's İrgil , Cemil Thompson, Fahrettin Booth, Hasan VANLIOĞLU , Ridvan Flower, Sharif Ahmed , compulsory Altun, Arif Wreaths and Recep Lightning .

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