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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 16:14

'Civil society' stood up against the massacres

'Civil society' stood up against the massacres
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Dozens of non-governmental organizations, condemned the massacres in Syria and Egypt, launched a blood donation campaign.

Turkey and the 20 non-governmental health care worldwide penny Egypt and Syria , especially the massacres committed in all the earth, in order to attract the attention of world leaders issued a press release.

Egypt and Syria in a blood donation campaign for the wounded started Organizations,"World, stop for a moment before these massacres about that!"they said.

Twenty notice placed by the association, the following explanations were given signature:

"Recent events in Syria and Egypt have taken the whole world is a shame .. the circle of human dignity underfoot ...

West developing world, led by the universal values ​​of freedom, democracy, basic human rights claims inviolate ever so, ever so sayılmamıştı crime.

powerful countries of the world, political leaders, international to organizations that had not been in such a weakness.

a government massacre its own people, their homes, cities shattered them, hungry, thirsty, give up drug-free, chemical weapons, children, even babies choke animals, people remain silent what is not the case.

However, the grave and painful thing that all these atrocities going on in front of the eyes of the world the hope of humanity is the danger of extinction . extinguished hope this will be a dungeon for all the world. unjustly shed blood, shed tears, and supporters throughout history drowned wrongdoing.

a whole of mankind, and all people part of the whole. streamed blood of all mankind, the blood of every human being, the dignity of all human dignity of every human being chewed. actually murdered each person of an innocent human values ​​and humanity. honor and dignity of those who held power. but to support him to remain silent, even the brutality of the crime against humanity.

killed a man killed all of humanity, all of humanity inflicted preserves a person is as follows:'

everyone is doing, and even though you do not do well under the moral responsibility.

O world leaders, concerned people of the earth;

you political power, ideology, not being a party to a particular religious belief, common human values, to world peace and invite you to do what is right and good in the name of hope for the future .

an emergency, if we did not intervene in this process to disrupt the stability of the world, to eliminate the sense of security and world peace will be a big scar.

All this in the first place your reputation, leadership liyakatınızı and you would quickly destroy the hopes.

at the bottom level of sensitivity to human

react to injustice.

humanity, humanity save this shame, shame duymayacağımız children, maybe the last one on behalf of the future have the opportunity to leave.

Earth-sensitive people and the leaders of the world, the name of humanity, in the name of world peace and hope for the future, especially in Syria and Egypt, all the earth, and to oppose the ongoing massacres humanitarian invite you to stop the bloodshed."

non-governmental organizations that have signed the statement

Pole Star Health Volunteers Association/Uskudar Red Crescent Society Branch/bİSEG/Center Service Foundation

'Civil society' stood up against the massacres" comments for.


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