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  • 04 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 12:37

Clarinet Artist Surprises with the ability to Visually Impaired

Clarinet Artist Surprises with the ability to Visually Impaired
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2 years in Eskisehir meningitis due to the 47-year-old visually impaired Intelligence Azman, 32 years is greatly appreciated for his ability to play the clarinet in .

Eskişehir news: Eskisehir 2 years of meningitis visually impaired because the 47-year-old intelligence Azman, 32 years playing the clarinet skills in the is greatly appreciated .
Factory front of resistance workers in Yasin Erkoca wishlist Şahan engagement with the clarinet Intelligence Azman, clarinet self-learning , said:\"I ​​can not read , note I do not know . myself learned by ear I'm learning, I am capable of ,\"he said .
bread to earn weddings or other events going and his son helped him describing the visually impaired clarinetist Azman, said:< br/> \"Sometimes I work at home , while chatting with children are working . songs , dance tunes I'm working . 2 years of meningitis because my eyes have lost . myself playing a flute learned . door , sitting in front playing in the street learned . Clarinet samples we received good people . TRT well , that's on television . Bester did not work for . like that when I'm bored I play with myself . 3 of my children reed and drum playing. Musician, one of the things I was learning , I was hearing , I was working at home . \"

Clarinet Artist Surprises with the ability to Visually Impaired" comments for.


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