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  • 25 Ocak 2013, Cuma 13:53

Classic Hairstyles:How to Use Old school without being seen?

Classic Hairstyles:How to Use Old school without being seen?
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Chopped, bob, pixie or long and straight ... Here is expert advice to adapt the timeless present these models.

If you are using one of the classic hair models

for a while, even the most simple groups not forget replicated. The new year is a good time to renew your hairstyle. Hair designers and a nice stay even learn a few tips about the stars?

Pixie (Too short cut)

Vintage:Liza Minnelli, pixie model, add layers, waves and curls almost the signature of this part of the dolgunlaştırarak made. Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow as Ms. Minnelli ünlendiği times perpetuates the pixie style, so that these sexy boys reminiscent of cut, was marked by the movement of the 90s waif.

Michelle Williams (Mia Farrow'a looks a lot like), and today, like Halle Berry pixie women, short haircuts as a combination of fragility and çıkarıcılığın carry over.


refresh haircut EM:Rachel McAdams and hair stylist Kristen Ess names such as Amanda Bynes, pixie model by adding small accessories like hair band likes to add movement. Ess,"short hair style be bound by kestirdiğinizde think that, whereas a versatile pixie style,"he says and adds:"At the same time, giving the appearance of products of different shapes and use it. Brilliantine, create a matte texture, such as shag carpet. A short segment of a jelly-like lightweight elegant and stylish may Stone'unki Sharon."

EM Long and elegant

Nothing, shoulders, pouring, shiny and full-bodied hair that can not be more sexy.

Vintage:Cher's long, shiny hair, which was designed by Bob Mackie at least until the signature beaded costumes was wild.


Modern:Demi Moore, as well as glowing and has the body of a young girl, long hair. Getting old is such a beautiful woman who does not know what the red carpet ceremonies usually leave your hair messy.


refresh haircut:Ess, perfect hair requires special care, he says, and recommend you to polish the hair every 6 weeks."Wax, hair texture penetrates the top, just like nail polish,"says Ess. Steam the owner of a beauty salon near Beverly Hills, Carla Gentile Cardamom is the fastest way to restoring long hair, he says."Or Gisele gather your hair as the hair model refresh the bottom."

Chopped cut (Shag)

EM Vintage:Jane Fonda Klute EM , the film uses cutting clipped, his character's hard, tacky and made it look sexy and the 1970 & rsquo , s and later launched a style marked.


Modern:Kristen Stewart and Ashlee Simpson, black, yellow or red hair showed very popular with long, messy shag style created.


refresh haircut:Gentile, clipped a modern version of the model, as well as part of the deal, and Fonda glued in the shoulders, he says. Today's style, longer and loose floors. Gentile, but also products that are multiples of strands of your hair was thick and full-bodied and full-bodied can do more significant, he says.

EM Blunt Hair (Bob)

EM Vintage:Silent film star Louise Brooks' square blunt style used in the 1920s and 30s, the art-deco style, elegant lines overlapping.


Modern:Keira Knightley prefer straight and wavy patterns of blunt Katie Holmes, before the razor-sharp, and now devotes a long kâküllerle hand, the last two years, giving up the classic blunt model.

EM refresh haircut:Ess, dull hair, use a little longer to make it look modern, he says,"long bob style lobe, they say, is a terrible word, but spectacular hairstyle."Ess, as well as 2.5 inches of hair curls to create tables This adds a blunt recommend cutting move."Do not be uniform in curls,"she says."Large and small curls, blunt cut will show much more stylish."

About the Author: Valli Herman, EM Los Angeles Times, The Dallas Morning News EM, especially in various international print and digital publications fashion, beauty and travel articles by a seasoned journalist.

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