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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:01

Cleaning Day at Kartepe

Cleaning Day at Kartepe
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Kartepe Municipality teams across the county before Eid al-Adha in the areas of social life , especially the main artery routes , kabristanlık and religious facilities maintenance and cleaning work was done .

Kocaeli news:
Kartepe mosques in the front of the cemetery and its surroundings, the main arterial streets and alleys in the washing and sweeping under the Directorate of Sanitation work was carried out by teams . Kartepe take place before the feast consisting of 7 people in the work of cleaning , washing and sweeping zone with a team consisting of 15 personnel teams in the main arterial routes and the cleanliness left side of the road . 2 people consisting of a mosque cleaning crew in the district 76 mosques and prayer cleaning work within the framework of temples rose water with oil of sweet-smelling odor büründürerek feast a decent made ​​.
Kartepe Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department , depending on the teams of the feast peaceful and relaxed to pass responsibility for areas has completed preparations for the feast . Kabristanlık moral values ​​among our cleaning and maintenance in the municipal teams finished their work before the feast . Kabristanlık conducted in 38 districts across six staff in the maintenance and cleaning of various weeds that grow in the cemetery , spines cleared . Maintenance and repair of the damaged road teams also made ​​the grave . County public by the welcome efforts after the citizens in peace grave visits will be able to .
President Hussein will not be upset , \"our people clean environments the excitement live , worship for achieving the county cleaning work before the feast a separate gave importance .'s Day the most frequently visited kabristanlık the and mosques care by our teams through the cleaning and environmental regulations made. this feast of our people peace of mind in the holiday to spend our teams have mobilized . Herewith entire Islamic world blessed Eid al-Adha in congratulations , \"he said .


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