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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:29

Clinical Psychologist Demiroğlu:\"Out of the Brethren from each other \"

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The seminar, organized for parents in Bağcılar Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for the Protection of Women and Family Health Services Psychologist Demiroğlu apostle , told the jealousy between siblings.

İstanbul news: Photo by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Bagcilar Municipality seminar organized for parents \"jealousy between siblings \"issue was discussed . Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Women and Family Health Protection Services Psychologist Elçin Demiroğlu among siblings specifying the causes of jealousy what might be told how to behave parents in such cases. Photo Bağcılarl women's intense interest shown by women and seminars in Family Cultural Arts Center Demiroğlu , for parents was an important warning .
some kids that certain meat is jealous of his brother telling Demiroğlu , \"does not like the new-born brother and said he wanted to go or even at home you do not want it . Sometimes when harm to the baby or mother baby care they give extreme reactions. may try to interfere with the mother . or brother extreme care and love showing mother and father try to win back the attention is lost . even pretending to be the baby's parents parents can be warned to pay attention to the baby , \"he said .
Some children also describes siblings could be excessively concerned for fear of attracting negative reactions of parents Demiroğlu , \"Brother jealous of his children sadness, anger, love and revenge , live conflict between protecting feelings ,\"he said .
most frequent decline in acquired behavior before problems , bedwetting, Demiroğlu explaining that it is situations such as thumb sucking, jealous brothers baby he lost interest in the behavior of the parents stated that under the effort or the method of recovering competitors. During this period, restless, angry and aggressive when Demiroğlu noted that the emergence of behavior , he continued as follows:\"Child , mother and go to school because the baby did not want to leave you alone or do not want to leave in another's home ground . Stress the difficulty in coping with the situation where a Photo Children symptoms and this increases the feeling of headache , expresses her body through symptoms such as nausea . this may exhibit belligerent behavior in stressful periods. for example, you can use violence to play. \"Photo PARENTS HOW TO TREAT ? < br/> Demiroğlu underlined that the feeling is universal and natural jealousy of his brother , children due to this sense of blame , said trial and punishment would be extremely wrong . Before the first family's birth children , his brother would tell their recommendation that Demiroğlu , noting that that certain changes to the new layout. Photo Demiroğlu words concluded:\"Sibling together should be explained to him will never change their feelings with . The idea of ​​the child in the selected name and items for Baby on family integrity should be emphasized. the home that order accustomed the child must be protected as much as possible . If the child if the harm to the baby should it warned that an unclear but hard to overreact . child , \"you're now my sister or you brother \"like sentences should be established. Its should be noted that a child . parents should establish sentences full of praise for new siblings. Children between must not use discriminatory sentences . sister jealousy can continue throughout their lives. should get help from an absolute to a child psychologist is worse because the condition of the children thought . \"

Clinical Psychologist Demiroğlu:\"Out of the Brethren from each other \"" comments for.


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