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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:42

Closing of classrooms Debate

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AK Party Deputy Orhan Atalay Ardahan,"these children from attending the school of the university can win very easily.

AK Party Deputy Orhan Atalay Ardahan,"these children from attending the school of the university can win very easily. Dershaneleri is essential to make a psychological şartlanmışlı"he said.
at a press conference in Parliament with an announcement in a newspaper about the description found in the classroom that expresses a psychological conditionings Deputy Orhan Atalay, classrooms become an alternative to the parallel of the schools, he said. Children's classroom without going to university can gain Atalay indicating,"Our children works 24/7 that we are seeing. Children of a chore are facing. Past 11 years as the government in the education system glitch to fix a serious're always working. Simultaneously, one more thing needs to be done, I as an educator like I'm thinking, classroom essentially a psychological conditionings consists today. these children attending the school from the university very easily win. Dershaneleri must make a psychological şartlanmışlı is. A state its official institutions of alternatives to the emergence not want our government is what it does. to overdo it, between different stakeholders reckoning to interpret as it is not true. Courses today our schools a parallel alternative is becoming. An alternative other meaningless makes. I still am defending my views. This process is currently associated with stakeholders are being negotiated. that a showdown nothing to do with"he spoke.
"KCK"Prosecutors are using on the question,"Example when I did not listen colleagues. Maybe limit exceeded, the purpose has exceeded might be an example. A sampling kabilinden is a promise. this is nothing but"Using expressions Atalay, news reporter by with tweezers method they argued that news.
"Dershaneleri liken to a terrorist organization is true?"form of the question, answer"No"giving Atalay,"Do you think to apologize?"form of the question"No,"he said. Atalay,"I did not build this false perception, though I'm sorry it's my fault,"he said. Atalay, the news said it would exercise its legal rights against.

Closing of classrooms Debate" comments for.


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