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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:43

Co-Mek Family School Start

Co-Mek Family School Start
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KO-MEK Family School project \"began with my family \"has education in Islam.

Kocaeli news: Photo a training slot with KO-MEK, besides technical and vocational training are given to the trainees they trained and knows no bounds to become conscious individuals in the public service this year with different projects.
the value given to this year's participants who received great interest with educational KO-to , the new project is \"KO-MEK Family School\"and to provide a quality life for trainees and aims to create a more informed society. Kocaeli Servet Yalçın Central Preacher The project was named starting with training the family in Islam.
\"KO-MEK Family School\"project , Kocaeli Central Ecclesiastes Family Wealth Yalcin made ​​the initial seminar in Islam. Religious Us Central preacher who emphasized the importance of establishing a family Yalcin, \"Our religion gives great importance to the family institution. The goal of Islam is to establish a stable society, education is not in the womb, the family starts before installation. Cornerstone of the family society. Constituting the community family would be intact if the firm in the community \"he said. Kocaeli Central Ecclesiastes Servet Yalcin, \"family community is the foundation . Our foundation is happy to be composed of conscious individuals in the community regardless of firm grows peaceful bay and healthy generations. In this city of Happy slots formed in development is more rapid and sustained social context ,\"he said . Photo Kocaeli Central preacher of Islam's view of marriage Servet Yalcin told by instantiating them with verses and hadiths . Yalcin, \"build on the strong Islamic religious family nest , he ordered both to marry in legitimate measures to prepare the ground for the nurturing virtuous generations, both made ​​it tempting him with a set of sanctions . Allah, the Almighty verse-i Kerime ;'singles in your mind, that the righteous from your slaves your and concubines the marriage . If the poor are . Allah enriches them with grace . it is the abundant grace of God , the Knower. \"There buyurmuk \"he said. Photo Family School project with KO-tion in raising awareness trained participants on the concept of family , raise their awareness , is intended to inform and educate . , including 10 people from our 12 training centers in the first Izmit scope of this project began to study a total of 120 participants . gave the first training Kocaeli Central Ecclesiastes Servet Yalcin covered 6 week-long project. KO-MEK Family School of experts in the field Şengül Yigit Ali Çankırılı of Nurtan Ceceli , Dr. Osman Poyraz will continue with training will give you the moonlight Kayaoğlu the .


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