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  • 06 Ocak 2014, Pazartesi 09:21

"Cold Turkey Why Not Shook the Flu"

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Public Health and Internal Medicine Specialist Dr..

Samsun news: Public Health and Internal Medicine Specialist Dr.. M. Dinççağ sure,"Influenza reason not cold 'virus' are called the invisible micro"he said.
Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital, Public Health and Internal Medicine Specialist M. Sure Dinççağ, more than 200 viruses of colds or flu called cause this disease, is recalling"in the United States among the volunteers in research contrary to the known cold directly to the disease and susceptibility to infection does not improve were identified. Winter or in some seasons influenza disease epidemics cause of If influenza viruses that cause some of the temperature and the humidity, the more easily proliferate can, however, of the disease from person to person easily can be transmitted environments more possible is. indoor spaces more we live, the school and other contamination may be easier places flu, colds can be easily spread. many children in families women with children theme are no more frequent. infected people, secretions and secretions that pollute with their belongings flu is transmitted. Again droplet infection that we, coughing and sneezing with airborne particles remaining inhale those who are infected,"he said.
some seasonal and climatic conditions, the virus more quickly causing a proliferation stated that the dr.dinççağ,"He seasonal conditions, the disease from person to person spread easier. respiratory tract diseases, mouth and nose on the surface of the human resistance against diseases, providing many body protective substances are released and the respiratory system of the air entering and airborne microbes will be rendered harmless. contrast respiratory defense system is called and flu and other infectious respiratory diseases in this defense system is not enough if the disease occurs. recent days the epidemic in which influenza viruses besides rhinoviruses, parainfluenza virus include fever, fatigue, headache, nasal congestion, loss of appetite business and loss of power led to the symptoms that can reveal. Influenza hours, sinusitis, inflammation, bronchitis such as increased side effects may also occur. Its the flu even physicians look and get medical attention age and civilized human behavior is supposed to do,"he said.
flu virus is active for the benefit of antibiotics would not argue DR. M. Sure Dinççağ,"But the flu after a bacterial infection appeared the doctors give antibiotics can. Resistance of the body is low, the elderly, those with chronic disease, severe asthma, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, severe diabetes, undergoing treatment for cancer and a very small Flu can be fatal in children. absolute risk for this group is required to be under the control of the doctor"gave expression to the place.

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