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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:28

Cold Weather Alert to Diabetes Patients

Cold Weather Alert to Diabetes Patients
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Department of Internal Medicine Kayseri Memorial Dist .

Kayseri news: Dr. Haluk Mumcuoglu , \"while extending an invitation so much disease to cool the air in patients with diabetes during this period also needs to pay extra attention to their health. Diabetes and blood sugar levels in the variability causes of with diet , to sports , to pay attention to important points until the clothing style of body care is very important ,\"he said . < br/> Dr. Haluk Mumcuoglu , 14 November World Diabetes Day , diabetics gave the following information about what to pay attention to cold weather:Photo Diet and drugs winter setting should be
winter season is the fall of the approaching air temperatures and shortening day length due to the body's calorie expenditure and slow metabolism decreases accordingly. Normal diet and medications that make people's blood sugar is more lively in the summer , winter may be less effective . In winter, the body slows down its metabolism in order to maintain the heat . This leads to disruption of the blood glucose control . Diabetics control blood sugar frequently in cold weather should consult his doctor changes that may occur in the diet and treatment. Photo Snack Photo diabetes patients should not be neglected during the winter months should not remain open for long. Diabetics are less protected by body balance by eating less often . Patients using insulin and glucose-lowering medications , skipping meals for the maximum period that the effects of these drugs are very important . Winter meal times lower activity and consequently disrupts the patient in \"hypoglycemia \"may lead to impairment of sugar called . Hypoglycemia can have dangerous consequences for the diabetic patients . Diabetes patients must bear kesiklikl of food in between meals as well omitted activities that might take a long time to fall in this situation. Should pay attention to sleep patterns and duration . Alcohol is a factor that negatively affect blood sugar patterns , soft and consideration should be given to the consumption of sugar-free liquid food. Photo vitamin C when blood sugar prolong the time spent at home due attention
cold air to balance leads to changes in their eating habits . Winter diabetics , this process is usually fed mainly carbohydrates and oranges , citrus fruits such as tangerines are consumed frequently . Long winter citrus with too much of vitamins and energy storage to be eaten in the evening perishable body's sugar balance. Before you consume citrus calorific value and should be kept in mind , doctors advice should be sought in between meals . Other fruit , useful when consumed in large quantities as the body needs food raises the blood sugar. In general, winter savory and sweet renewed heavy disrupt the settings of blood sugar. Unsweetened produced , diet, medical advice should be consumed with a sweet made ​​from skim milk. Never overdo this kind of sweet . Because of these products , if not normal sugar (fruit sugar), fructose, such as lower calorie sugars and calories of foods that are made ​​of sweet. Such is not recommended to consume sweet body metabolism will slow down in the winter. Foot care for diabetics Photo Photo winter use orthopedic shoes is also very important . In cold weather inner lining and orthopedic shoes should be preferred, which is thick and dense mesh , should not be worn with socks that can disturb the foot. Feet should be washed every day, and the wound can be formed or color changes should be checked. Diabetic neuropathy may occur in this regard continuously improved cold feeling in the feet of patients. Keep these patients, stoves and other heating to near and long feet , which leads to seen much in the winter of foot burns.
During the holiday will be on holiday in important
winter months to comply with the diet on days with no cold and rainy in patients with diabetes , easy to transport making holiday venues in is important. Region is close to the health center should be preferred . Ski passion very good protection against the feet of diabetic patients with trauma and cold , and it is important to check every day. To pay attention to diet during the holiday issue of diabetes patients is recommended. Patients should consult their physician prior to the winter season and should take precautions against problems that may occur .

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