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  • 16 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 09:46

Cold Weather Can Give a Human Facial Paralysis

Cold Weather Can Give a Human Facial Paralysis
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Mersin University (MEI), Faculty of Medicine, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Diseases Department Head.

Mersin news: Mersin University (MEI), Faculty of Medicine, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Diseases Department Head. Dr.. Murat Ünal, especially in cold weather cycling, transport, such as the open air for the people who do the ears and face protection should be stated that the"protection if they are cold otitis media can lead to such worse facial paralysis gonna show,"he said.
cold weather associated with a middle ear infection that may occur in statements to reporters, Prof. H. Dr.. Murat Ünal, sudden cold pressed is always depressed, he said. Sudden cold side of rain to the patient To identify another factor noted that Unal,"the last days until the winter girilesi not, the weather is very hot it was going., But all of a sudden a lot of heat fell and rain yet. Cases like this, especially middle ear infections, colds and flu, including now a high increases. This is because the two can be explained. Firstly our conservation measures take the opportunity not. because heat drops abruptly and at that time or outfit we would not be appropriate or our house heat is acceptable. Secondly, plummeting the temperature along with the body's immune system is also certain to a certain extent remains powerless. the body's immune system powerless because very quickly in this environment proliferating viruses including and longer the bacteria cause infections,"he said.
Today occurring in disease virus caused by emphasizing the Unal,"This sudden temperature changes, in fact in the first virus we call be treated with antibiotics, not because we accidentally infections of all kinds in the wrong antibiotics are used. Wrong antibiotics we give in the next microbial resistance are gaining . then really antibiotics when we need the antibiotics are not effective. sudden cold virus in excessively quickly they multiply and make us sick up. currently in Mersin middle ear inflammations there was an increase. air pollution at certain times is going on. air pollution in the airways of our respiratory mechanism distorts the most important one of the topics. This time, colds, flu, move down if the bronchitis and asthma may also occur. During this period, many have to be careful. middle ear inflammation in the cold will you be, particularly wind exposure and be together and be seen"as spoke.
"COLD paralysis of the face to show 'Can"
especially in the morning at home when you exit the sharp cold air to the front should not be taken underlines Unal,"Surely, scarf, beanie and ears, ear protection in the form of something need to put. especially motorcycles, bicycles and the like transportation outdoors in providing the absolute ear and face protection is required. because they separate there is a risk. cold weather facial paralysis gonna show can. especially with the wind chill when it comes to facial paralysis, the largest is one reason why. Specifically, this type of vehicle that uses both in inflammation are at risk as well as facial paralysis are at risk. these matters conservation measures do have to take. Ear severe pain when the doctor under the supervision of the use of drugs is recommended. you viruses is connected immediately antibiotics do not recommend. A simple painkillers or upper respiratory tract not an explicit statement with supportive treatment used increasingly, especially in the first 48 hours after these complaints then you are turning to antibiotics. That's why you need a doctor's supervision,"he said.

Cold Weather Can Give a Human Facial Paralysis" comments for.


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