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  • 16 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 14:12

Cold Weather Shield of 'Grape Juice'

Cold Weather Shield of 'Grape Juice'
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Buy breakfast items for many years in Gaziantep Arif Lightning, grape molasses is very useful against the cold, he said.

Gaziantep news: In Gaziantep for many years with breakfast items purchased Arif Lightning, grape molasses against the cold is very helpful, he said.
Long struggle after the table reaching grape molasses, the human body resistance by increasing the cold weather as a shield against forms.
Molasses seller Arif Lightning, molasses under construction explaining the molasses benefits briefed.
Simsek, the following information is shared:
"This year molasses compared to last year prices are a bit high. filling oil after the bonds slightly damaged. therefore grapes, last year's tonnage came out. That's why prices last year, 12 to 13 pounds ranged. This year the best molasses 15 and 16 pounds sold for between. Initially in liquid form is done. Thereafter, this molasses into the yeast participating as yogurt is fermented. again freeze solidified. This solid with offer our customers. Ago grapes, are collected. Immaculate in a manner washed. then crushed grape juice is removed. then over high heat and boil. Inside the white land and euphorbia call is discarded. various stages through this situation comes."
Arif Lightning, grape molasses, especially during the winter months all citizens to eat advised the"Especially in the winter everyone's eating recommendable. Molasses, blood quickly mixes and blood circulation accelerates. the person warm. them out of a lot of the benefits are,"he said.

Cold Weather Shield of 'Grape Juice'" comments for.


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