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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 08:50

College Students viewed Marmaray

College Students viewed Marmaray
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Karabük Rail Systems Engineering University students, were found in Marmaray views.

İstanbul news: Karabük Rail Systems Engineering University students, were found in Marmaray views. Marmaray construction and technical information from the authorities about the students, to do better in the future projects of this kind of work done, he said.
Karabuk University studying in Railway Systems Engineering Department, a group of students as the project of the century found in the Marmaray views. Officials of the Marmaray construction and technical information on the field, students take a train traveled from the Anatolian side to the European side. University Rail Club President Kemal Faruk Dogan, in the group most of the students Rail Systems Engineering Department read, adding that"Turkey's only my official in these parts after graduating Turkey on this issue first engineers will be. Countries in these areas in Many qualified staff has a shortage. we fill that gap training to take. Today we our friends sectoral awareness to deliver organized an event. these field trials provide them to carry and receive education we want to provide. Marmaray like other factories, institutions and organizations in the technical seminars in the sector better products, projects, interests in order to raise awareness and to educate them geared towards are. Marmaray'a Karabuk University as the first visit, we are done. Marmaray, the world's largest immersed tunnel know that. Truly an engineering marvel. we in this section as students in the future for Turkey much larger We believe that the interests of the project. Today our aim to do much better than seeing it,"he said.
Students were divided after the trip.

College Students viewed Marmaray" comments for.


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