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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:54

Color Festival in Bodrum

Color Festival in Bodrum
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Organized by the Municipality of Bodrum Pedasa 19th International Festival, was the colorful scenes .

Muğla news: Organized by the Municipality of Bodrum Pedasa 19th International Festival, was the colorful scenes .
\"Or Tradition , No Future \"slogan excavations that took place the first day of the festival began with cocktails in the field of home . Bodrum Municipality Councillors and citizens attended cocktail party, cocktails made ​​to the owners of the area , gave the festival was given a plaque of appreciation for their support . Lon Briet , Ergun Simsek, Mehmet Uyargil , Destiny mini-orchestra consisting of Confirmation and Bu Ozal , using objects in nature , natural sound is reflected gave a mini concert . Cocktail , Bodrum Councillors , artists and citizens attended Salih South ended with regional games .
On the first day of the festival , the concert ended with Konacık in the neighborhood . Activities in the area from the island of Rhodes in concert Osman Osmancıkza Dancer Music Group and Rhodes Agee appeared on the scene and the Turkish and Greek songs polyphonically about 300 people came to watch the concert enjoyed the music . Rhodes indicates that regional game at the end of the group stage , opened the Turkish and Greek flags . Cahit Özveznec Secondary School Concert also prepare students staged folk dances of the Bodrum area . After the concert, Greek dancers with the concert following the Turkish citizens together they danced they mutually played .
Festival's second day Pedasa Plateau in events organized , Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon and in the basement of the Municipal Assembly of Members , including nearly five thousand people attended .
competitions held in order to keep alive the old traditions and fun were now quite contentious . President Mehmet Kocadon two bladed saw to cut a log cutting contest has launched the first index . Golastarl cut stumps and a woman joined the competition for the first time . 30-year-old Ayse Author , along with teammate Ahmet Oktay has achieved first place in this area . Donkey contest 14-year-old Yunus challenging , with lasso goats capture game 33-year-old Muharram Clean and oil wrestling at Bodrumlu hope henna was the first.
The festival of handicrafts and local food not to forget the stand opened.

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