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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:07

Comar 2015, Turkey's Largest University Library will have

Comar 2015, Turkey's Largest University Library will have
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Eighteen March Çanakkale University Vice-Chancellor Prof.

Çanakkale news: Eighteen March Çanakkale University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr.. Between Şükriye Hisar,"ÇOMÜ Library until the end of 2015, Turkey's largest university library winning the title,"he said.
común Every day about 1,000 books to catalogs, indicating that the fortress,"this year 250-300000 around book library into our means. 2,013 at 500,000 threshold caught. This goes quickly if we In 2015, the largest university library in Canakkale 'there will be,"he said.
Prof. Dr.. Hisar,"the university's heart are sources of information, libraries. Rapid technological change with the library concept is also changing. Turkey is classic library captures from the new generation libraries entering a period of had to. We, the University as both digital as well as printed work in the area of ​​Turkey's best to be adayız . 2.5 years ago down in works around 80,000 have inherited the library today 500,000 figure we delivered. Bunda our martyrs for 1 Million Books Campaign played a major role. all from Turkey almost burn books Canakkale cemetery beside Turkey's largest university libraries, the rise of provides. universities in Turkey, the largest of missing one of the advanced libraries. example of Harvard's library of about 17 million books while there, all in Turkish universities total number of books is 12 million less than one. we común this deficit to make up. ÇOMÜ Library only rich collection, 7 24 hours without exception, remain open feature also sets the model. 2,012 today holydays including ÇOMÜ Library open 24/7. nights 3 separate services and our students we serve. For this reason, even at night library intense interest are faced with,"he said .
común 5-year target of 1.5 million books, indicating that the fortress,"the library every day because many thanks're getting. Libraries night in the number of visitors we learned a lot. One of our students fully for 14 days in the library have stayed. Currently a record 14 days . books are due, Ankara, Istanbul, to provinces like commuting in a big was decreased. fact, a reverse migration began. Other libraries lend books we count 30-fold increased. Moreover Izmir, Bursa from provinces such as ÇOMÜ Library come to the thesis, the research completed many visitors was our . Libraries utilization rate of the geometric increase we live. ÇOMÜ in this field, our investments will increase the will and the 5-year period, 1.5 million printed works, we will have. This común the library in the world league will put even Turkish works in terms of that in the world's best universities one will do,"said

Comar 2015, Turkey's Largest University Library will have" comments for.


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