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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:06

Come on, had his Masters Athletics Admissions Team Champions

Come on, had his Masters Athletics Admissions Team Champions
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Adana Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Bayram Fazli Hadi , who were both masters of sports and become a model for young people said that they contribute to the reduction of health care costs.

Adana news: Photo Come on, the last week in Sanliurfa performed \"Sanliurfa 4. Göbeklitepe Half Marathon and 10 Kilometers \"is 3. In spite of the strong opponents in the race , both individually and in 10 athletes Cup by entering the first 3 degrees and managed to return with medals Adana Masters Recognizing the Athletics Club President Najm Tad with athletes authorities , celebrated for their achievements. whether the age of the Photo Sport, Let underlines that requires continuity and sustainability , spoke as follows:Photo \"coming together of people from various professions, as well as durability succeed in a tough sport as demanding marathon me appealing. I also did athletics for many years. currently I am running. I joined even to the last month in the realization of Tarsus Half marathon . Adana are Master of possibilities Athletics Club facility , giving support in areas such as materials and transportation. I will continue my support in all circumstances . Sports are going model who master both young , they also contribute to the reduction of health care costs. January 4, 2015 Sunday Adana traditional as we do'Adana Waiting Municipality International Liberation Half Marathon Masters Club to join the crowd. \"They master the
Island Athletic Club President Najm Tad this season, the fifth will be held in Adana Metropolitan Municipality International the phase of liberation Half Marathon architect's Day thanked for his efforts stating that Come on . gives facility to the Photo Club , as well as when you go to competitions bus allocates Phase Bayram Tad stated that they will never forget the support of go, will be held January 4, 2015 Sunday liberation Half Marathon'na would provide all members participation, also adding that they worked as a volunteer in the organization. Photo ŞANLIURFA'< strong> Who dEGREES iNTO ? Photo Sanliurfa 4. Göbeklitepe Marathon two women a total of 40 with athletes outgoing, said on winning as a member of the Masters Club, the third in the Islands as a team:Photo Abdurrahman Karakaya ( 10 kilometers 55-59 age group men first ) Photo St. Tahtacı (10 thousand kilometers 50-54 age group winner ) Photo Ali Özdemir ( 10 kilometers latter age group 50-54 ) Photo Serkan Saktanber ( 10 kilometers third of the 40-44 age group ) Photo İlber to Fatma ( 10 kilometers 40-44 age group winner) < br/> Najm Tad's ( Half marathon 55-59 age group third ) Photo Şanver Halisoğl (Part marathon over 60 years age group of the latter) Photo Mustafa Tekin ( Half marathon 60-64 age group third ) < br/> Lokman Star ( second half-marathon age group 50-54 ) is Altınhis Photo s.güray ( Half marathon third of the 40-44 age group )

Come on, had his Masters Athletics Admissions Team Champions" comments for.


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