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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:12

Commemoration of Martyrs of Karbala in Tokat

Commemoration of Martyrs of Karbala in Tokat
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Unity Karbala Martyrs memorial program held in Tokat , emphasis was unity and brotherhood .

Tokat news: Photo Tokat Municipality, Governorship of Tokat , Maltepe University and the Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association Karbala Martyrs memorial program was held in collaboration with Hussein Akbas Indoor Sports Hall . Governor Cevdet Can program , the AK Party Tokat deputy Zeyid Lion, the Garrison Commander Brigadier General Haji İlbaş , Tokat Mayor Job Eroglu, GO Rector Dr. Mustafa Sahin attended by many citizens . President Eroglu from the podium after the opening remarks, referring to Karbala is the common pain of all Muslims throughout history, Alevi and Sunnis said they had built together many civilizations in Anatolia. Tokat with people from different beliefs and identity , like a miniature President Eroğlu said that said that in Turkey , \"We also respect everyone having different beliefs as the Municipality of slap. I, as Mayor , without distinction to every single person living in our Tokat I'm approaching , I have to close. I sit in my chair is a service authority. people services were taking , is hemhal with them , who is listening to their complaints , what you believe , how to live so I think. We've grown this tolerance and awareness in our childhood . our society, our structure , our Orfű , religious our people shifting to exclude already do . Tokat we like a miniature of our country in this regard. our countrymen from many beliefs and identities available. and my God Praise that we live in one and with peace of mind . this is a great blessing. It is a value. Here are our most important responsibilities as this one should keep up the value of the bond of brotherhood and tolerance , and we never leave , \"he said .
then Governor Cevdet Can from the podium talking about the month of Muharram and the Karbala incident , gave messages of unity and togetherness . Continuing the program by reading gülbank , Maltepe University Faculty of Theology Dean Dr. Kadir Özköse , TOBB Economics and Technology University Department of History Associate Vice President . Dr. Huby consent lightning and Education Foundation Chairman is HE Basically, speeches and presentations . Photo Semah shows and Alevi prayer bite of his program also asure grandfather was distributed by Tokat Municipality .


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