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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:00

Common sense has Renews Call Taşdöğen

Common sense has Renews Call Taşdöğen
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Nationalist Movement Party (MHP ) Chairman Dr. Gaziantep Province

Gaziantep news: Muhittin Taşdöğen , urged prudence regarding Kopani protest . Taşdöğen , Turkey is desired to fire sputtered , invited all citizens calm and common sense , he said.
MHP Dr. Gaziantep Province Muhittin Taşdöğen common sense appeal in his written statement, no members of the Nationalist Movement's come to this kind of game and would not stressed. Idealist is not always accurate , and that the country should not be drawn into the drive Taşdöğen said in a statement gave the following statements ; \"Nationalist Movement Party , each for a member of our ülküdaşı's our dirty games will not be coming civil war, drive to the gates will and our struggle in the political arena will continue . Turkish citizens indivisibility of the Turkish nation, the integrity of the protection and survivability guarantee of the MHP is . Nationalists always our country's sensitivity to the protection of insurance duty properly and will bring fulfills . grave and dangerous in our country that I wish to find an end of the game , all of our citizens and the Turkish nationalist invite you to calm and common sense \"

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