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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:31

Common to 23 Million Payment from Maramarabirlik

Common to 23 Million Payment from Maramarabirlik
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This year, pulling ahead for the first time product purchase Marmarabirlik campaign started on October 22, 2014 , it took 12 thousand tons of products over the past 20 days.

Bursa news: Is expected to reach 20 thousand tons of intake next week , making the first payment to the manufacturer Marmarabirlik partner. Accordingly, to be held 23 first payment in million TL November 14, 2014 on Friday . Photo Ongoing President Marmarabirlik in the assessment relates to product acquisition campaign Hidamet Asa, saying that experiencing yield losses , \"producer partner difficult than in terms of the last year and a distressed year. we expect this year experienced the uncertainty and despite many adversities without damaging dry without victims partner Marmarabirlik to meet at a common denominator. Because unilateral gain anyone's useless to work ,''he said. Since the
campaign started Marmarbirlik producers a total of 12 thousand of the common tone Chairman of the Association said that it has reached an important figure based products continued his wand speech:Photo \"although few of this year, our product reach 12 thousand tons of product purchases in a short time is an indication of confidence in the Marmarabirlik our partners. This year, due to the less coarse-grained product has decided to carry 180 grain product intake. This is because, the procurement policy is created over the years . We provide to our 180 grain merchant , giving the product price between 150-180 grain we see that blur the minds of partners. We can not act as a private in Marmarabirlik . Beginning to the end we have described how we make purchases at the same price of the product purchase price . Private sector employment in the price raises revenue , lowers price means business , it does not work does not get at all. Moreover according to the status of the product supply and pricing policies vary according to demand. In the campaign's pricing policy we apply in the course of which we are the right as in the previous year once again to be understood . \"Photo FIRST PAYMENT 14 NOVEMBER FRIDAY determines the
the other hand, the payment schedule Marmarabirlik manufacturer continues to smile on the faces of the joint . Accordingly, the first tranche payment November 14 Friday regarding product purchases to be made . the second payment of 28 November Friday, it was decided in the canceled December 12th Friday the third payment. Photo Marmarabirlik President Hidamet Asa, November 8, 2014 day of the received 180-190 grain and recalling payable in advance all of the oilseed product price , \"November 14 will be held on Friday, is the first payment of 23 million TL will be transferred to our partners and be able to receive the same day ,''he said.

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