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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 09:46

Companies Grows With GIMDES export of Halal Certification

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Food and Consumer Goods Inspection and Certification Research Association ( GIMDES ) , the companies announced that they increase their export halal food certification .

İstanbul news: Photo GIMDES ,'and Tayyip Halal Certification'in particular , he said the companies increased their exports to Muslim countries. The statement made by GIMDES certificate with export experience in a particular part of the firms were shared. In a Photo GIMDES description Hamidiye the Company's Quality Manager honorable Necdet Çetin's \"GIMDES We use halal logo on all of our products exported and this gives us a very substantial benefits \"description place was given . Cetin, an official institution had said on the subject of the symposium in 2013:\"Foreign trade our unit from us unless you increase our export capacity with Muslim countries began to be asked halal certificate. The certificate how it is received, we did not know whether it is available in Turkey at that time. Sales office we did research on this issue and intensified we decided to take the certificate on request . we export to 35 countries. They are 80 percent of the European Union countries and sensitivity countries showing the fact that these countries. ethnic Muslims living in these countries are demanding this certification. this segment of the EU market exhibits a significant expansion. after this halal logo is essential in food products in order to sell products to the masses. in 2011, we applied to GIMDES order to obtain halal certification at the beginning . what about the worry you were firm in our water helallig they would ask . I have participated personally in these inspections . There are a number of processes where water is passed. inspection of these stages both covers all the raw materials were used . We passed them all. However, a single point output:the origin of glycerin contained in the membrane filtration system used in the process. Glycerin is a compound obtainable in both animals and plant road. We asked the company Importer , they were asked to manufacturers abroad. The glycerin used in our system that we learned as a result of long efforts are made from herbal ingredients . This could be animal . We use all of our export products GIMDES the halal logo and this gives us a very serious benefits . Halal certification provides recognition and credibility. Halal logo is reflected in the increasing recognition of the certificate directly with the product . \"Other companies and export experiences have been reported in the Photo GIMDES description explains:\"Dairy Products Manufacturers Kaan Sunday . Sat. and Business arrival. Group Manager Abdurrahman Kaan GIMDES noting that exports to 32 countries with halal certificates, announced that this year targeting a turnover of 13 million pounds . Abdurrahman Carroll , \"As a company we export to 32 countries . Middle Eastern countries and the Turkic Republics have a significant weight ,\"he said . Kaan, \"from Japan to America, Hong Kong We export a wide geography from North Africa. Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait , Iraq, Lebanon and more active in Saudi Arabia. In 2013 we made 8 million pounds export turnover . this year we aim to increase this number to 13 million pounds, \"he said . Co. A. Photo YORSAN . Assistant General Manager Ayhan Ödekbaş , \"I thank GIMDES . We were just as important as what the halal certificate abroad , we understand by looking at the incredible demands for our products in the fair ,\"he said . Ödekbaş said:\"We have 500 items product at the point we have reached today and sell to the world. Something that , however , we take a look at was missing. For us to compete with the world , to be ahead of one of our competitors , each with halal certificate we see as a key in gold certificates worth gold was missing. the clean production that we have made with Halal certification we have documented. he certification adds value we get from GIMDES and we learned a lot from them. When we go to fairs abroad , were questioned helallig our products we want to sell our products . we have just questioned helallig of not the product packaging. we have seen inquiring from Europe some packing material we received had received halal certification before us. We are the first dairy products entering Malaysia after they have this golden key we have company. We continue to make contributions to the halal food exhibition in the Far East. Far too large Muslim population and the demands of this population there . Our products are respected . When this quality Turkish products are accepted unconditionally by the crowned halal certification . We advise all companies to obtain halal certification in Turkey.
Us a product , ahalal food on our own so that our questioning is very difficult. We need an expert for that. We need a committee was full with this information . You can say you do a clean and halal production in their custody. I thank this sense GIMDES . We just how important the halal certificate abroad , we understand by looking at the incredible demands for our products in the fair. What needs to understand what it means to be halal certification of the Turkish people . We try to articulate this issue on any platform. People eat that cheese , I need to know what is in the yogurt. However, the first point at the moment is focused on the consumer price . However, price is not everything when you do the right production. When you have quality people and therefore your product when they hear you trust already sells . Photo GIMDES halal standards they have created by the authorities on the basis of our factory goods receipt to the finished product at any stage from halal rules, food safety, made ​​of cleanliness and hygiene rules necessary investigations considering and control is performed . Yörsan expert inspection conducted after the auditors regarding their products were awarded the HALAL certificate. Compliance with the conditions of production of halal food we are producing products made ​​by our company news and unannounced inspections to be monitored and controlled . Yet from time to time are taken unaware samples of products from the market by GIMDES and our products are sent for analysis to confirm the compliance with relevant standards . \"Photo Gülsen food Chairman Bekir Güldüoğl of the GIMDES Halal Certificate in Turkey area with halal food breakthrough stating that they had the honor of being the first company exports is large targets, said they did mainly exported to 40 countries including European countries. Güldüoğl is also the Arabs were forced to enter the document previously taken the country , he said products exported to the opening of ways . Meysu , thanks to the halal certificate received , United Arab Emirates mainly in Qatar and Indonesia and Malaysia, the juice in the Far East with Arab countries such as Iraq aims to export . Iraq calls completed Meysu , are beginning to export from the coming days. the emphasize that careful attention to the halal certificate in Turkey Bekir Güldüoğl , \"the Islamic countries , very sensitive to the issue of whether halal products and raw materials. The smallest hesitation they do not strictly food preferences. We have broken this document is primarily people's preconceptions we received. We do manufacture according to already standard but we have registered in the document we received it, \"he said. Gülsen food , with halal certificate received via the Meysu will increase 40 percent capacity. 45 countries on actual exports Gülsen Food the number of countries with halal certificate to increase to 60 , to increase 15 percent turnover it aims . Güldüoğl , \"the annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons , increasing our juice will remove 40 percent in 2014 to 210 thousand tons , we will remove our exports from 15 per cent to 25 per cent . Also halal certification for new markets that we create through us will be an important reference , \"he said. Photo Sunar Group CEO in my Corum Hussein'customer portfolio of GIMDES Halal and Tayyib that Certificate with the change in the positive direction, and we observed that increased our sales ,\"he said . Sunar Group CEO Hussein Comi , as well as to increase its share in existing markets its products as well said that they believe in the necessity of opening up new markets . They adopted a branding strategy that emphasizes export Hussein Comi , especially with brand marketing activities they are doing investments in neighboring countries , he said. Halal food certificate in my Corum pointed out that one of the important elements in exports, said:Photo \"Today'Think local , go global movement'dominant conception . We would also act in accordance with this understanding. For example, the export market, our among the South East countries where there is a large Muslim population in the Asian and ethnic markets in European countries , they give great importance to the halal certificate. So we get the halal certificate to see this. area for the first time halal certificates in Turkey we have vegetable oil company. customers of our portfolio GIMDES Halal and Tayyib certificate positive he changed direction and increased our sales , we observed , \"he said .

Companies Grows With GIMDES export of Halal Certification" comments for.


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