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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:53

Companions of the Sultan Sasa, two months after the mosque and shrine are getting

Companions of the Sultan Sasa, two months after the mosque and shrine are getting
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Diyarbakir, the Prophet.

during the first governor of Omar, the Prophet. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Companions of the tomb of Sultan mosque was demolished in 1926 and construction began Sasa. Companions of the Prophet. From his office in front of Gazi Khan road construction work Sasa Hasanpaşa two months. Sasa Sultan was buried until 1926, two years before the Diyarbakır Museum Directorate to the shrine ', the remains of the Roman period' report had caused public outrage and organized.

383 thousand TL in Diyarbakir Regional Directorate of Foundations bidding to avoid revision of the mosque and the tomb project, albeit delayed the start of construction work was greeted with great joy by the Companions lovers. Text Evsen Diyarbakır Regional Director of Foundations, Diyarbakir, spiritual elders said that Hazrat Sultan Sasa him, not exposures of the tomb and the mosque is insensitive to the destruction of many years, he said.

historical sources, documents and records of the foundation, the Blue Mosque and the tomb of Sasa are ignored for many years, although it expressed the Evsen, and Diyarbakir, the spiritual authority of the Companions of the project prepared in accordance with the structure of an architectural style noted that the construction started. Street widening the scope of Gazi Mosque of Sultan Sasa yıktırıldığını Evsen describing the mosque was repaired in 1860 yıktırılmadan ago, in 1904, noted that the minaret was added.

detached structure next to the mosque is the tomb until recently, describing Evsen,"Hz. Sasa place of the tomb of the Great Mosque, the mosque and the graveyard of Sasa between Hasan Pasa Hani, respectively. Sasa Sultan Mosque, demolished in 1926, along with türbeyle brought into the garden. mosque and tomb Cemetery Rızvanağa yıktırılmasının moved here after the Companions of the tomb. However, due to the opening of the Companions Rızvanağa Cemetery grave of the settlement disappeared."he spoke.


According to historical sources, Diyarbakir conquest of Anatolia, which become acquainted with Islam conquering army, while heading towards the city of Garzan left back, Sasa Sultan companions left the city to manage. Sasa Holiness, Diyarbakir, six months after the governor died. The body of the Companions Sasa, located on the Sur district of Gazi Street next to the Ulu Mosque, was buried in the garden of the mosque was built on its behalf. Where about one thousand three hundred years of the burial, cemetery Rızvanağa in 1926 moved to the grounds of road work. Part of the tomb was destroyed, as the seat of Islam was the first governor.

Diyarbakır 4 years ago Sasa authority Sultan Gazi Street, where the rehabilitation project was the excavation work. Nevin müdireliğini Soyukaya'nın Museum during his excavations on the report, the authority for the location 'of Roman ruins of a church premises' are called. This report is converted to a business center on the authority of the Sultan Sasa came up. However, the region's historical documents and the mosque of Sultan Sasa appeared to be the authority. On top of that, a business center created a new project, the project was abandoned, and fidelity.

Companions of the Sultan Sasa, two months after the mosque and shrine are getting" comments for.


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