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Company News

Company News
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Toyota Plaza selected end of the year campaign aims to make all Toyota owners.

Trabzon news: Toyota Plaza selected end of the year campaign aims to make all Toyota owners.
of 2013 last week, when entering the Toyota people who want to zero-in vehicles factory price making profits without having to own a car that will do the Toyota Plaza selected Director General Hasan Kamil Future,"we claim we have. We say Toyota Selected Plaza in now to get your car The best time to,"he said.
Car prices decisive three main elements, saying that the Future,"First, the State. As you know, the current account deficit that has been reached, we currently management of the economy's biggest problem. Arrivals according to the description, the current account deficit, ie consumption to cut down recently to do an intervention is the future. these interventions by the BRSA, banks will be brought limitations to be done. Currently up to 60 months the loan maturities up to 36 months will be reduced, or at 80 percent of the loan rate up to 60 percent will be reduced. So, currently 60 Thousand a vehicle discount of 12 Thousand in advance to give, which should be done after editing 24 Thousand cash will need to provide. All these interventions, car purchases to complicate to do. Prices determines the second component, distributor, so for us Toyota Turkey. euros, Toyota Turkey's main cost determinant. euros in recent appreciation we all know. euros in spite of this increase our prices, almost four months at the same level. So, the distributor of Toyota Turkey, year-end target to fasten at the expense of the Euro's increase in value prices reflect has. this case, this month until the end of a situation. third element, the dealers, Toyota Plaza selected. we selected, as of the end of our targets in order to later this month in no way profit organization without making sales, we decided. Review arriving at the plaza are giving to any zero-snow vehicles,"he said.
customers' favor very affordable through a period noted that Future"However, this period will not last long. particular, every moment a government intervention may face. 2,014 vehicles in planning to get those, it demands this month, pulling themselves terms would be favorable. these appropriate period snow wishing to customers plazas are waiting for us. Moreover 533 336 93 82 or 462 325 20 70 The phones also can obtain information or Toyota quality one-to-one to witness a test drive appointment can take"he said.

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