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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:00

Company News

Company News
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Turkey's leading brand Pinar, chosen from among the winners of the Spring 200 milliliters of milk Painting Competition was redesigned with five pictures.

İzmir news: Five tiny artist's paintings won the traditional Spring Photo Contest for 33 years in order to increase interest in the Primary children to painting and fine arts 200 ml and meet with consumers over the 6-200 ml Pınar Milk . From a Photo Muğla 14 years Gülseren Serenay Pekdog the's , from Istanbul, 14-year-old oral Güldestan , 12-year-old Beyzanur from Trabzon Ryan Karagöl , from Samsun 10-year-old Sena Kemeröz and from Cyprus 8-year-old Selen Ozcelik , \"Milk I Do , I'm healthy growing \"the pictures do with the theme Spring is located on the milk. Since
organization signatory to projects that contribute to community and social responsibility projects as well as its product in Spring , which support the children both mental and physical development , also with milk , is printed pictures of young artists while offering the best milk for the health of children , aims to support children to turn to painting.

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