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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:16

Completed in Konya AK Party District Advisory Councils

Completed in Konya AK Party District Advisory Councils
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AK Party Konya District Advisory Council Meeting of the Organization for the period 40 has been completed.

Konya news:
AK Party Konya Provincial Organization, the District Advisory Council held in 28 districts . District and regional organizations of the final state , provincial council members by the work of municipal projects and ongoing services in the last point of the meeting dealt AK Party Konya President Ahmet Query , 22 , 23 and 24 period AKP Konya MPs , Provincial Executive and Provincial Government Board members, mayors, municipal councilors , district presidents and administrations ; provincial and district governments with women and youth wing president and district, village representatives . AK Party Chairman Ahmet query Konya , the AK Party and Karapınar Ereğli District 40 District Advisory Councils organized by the Organization attended . Karapınar ereğli and other queries to the program as well as the AK Party Konya deputy Samancı Gulay , 23 Period Konya deputy Ali Ozturk AK Party was well attended. Appealing to members of the organization in Ereğli AK Party Chairman Ahmet query of Konya Province , will begin on November 3 District and Provincial Congress spoke about the process . Query , \"Congress began a process . Hopefully on November 3 Come and Bozkan We start with . County we ran the provincial congress we will do this . However , stating that I need to . We in these chairs not care . Before us in this seat many people made ​​it her mission . Us, then this relay race will continue. But nobody at break all the rules and I to the seats next can not say . these seats one's father's property is not , \"he said .
AKP Konya deputy Gulay Samancı the national agenda on the spoke . Samancı , Kobani'yi pretext of the country to avoid future confusion by stating that , \"without a fight , always stay away from parsing , we will continue to stand ,\"he said .
40 . Akşehir , Tuzlukç , Greek and District Advisory Councils speech at Rice , Prof. AK Party Konya deputy Dr. Ilhan Yerlikaya , however, referring to provincial and district convention , congress passed the mood of the feast , he said.
AKP Konya deputy Ayşe Türkmenoğlu the Kulu, Cihanbeyli and Altınekin District Advisory Council attended . Ayse Türkmenoğlu the solution process no matter what you would continue , he added.
South the Akören , Cumra, Ahırlı , Yalıhüyük and Seydişehir District Advisory Council attending members of the organization together with the AK Party Konya deputy Harun Tüfekçi the Seydişehir to the service was mentioned .
40 . Period AKP Konya District Advisory Council meetings, district and village governments and district and village representatives , the work of the provincial council members'projects and municipal services and claims handling and problem solving ideas for exchanging ended with .


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