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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:31

Completes Turkey Presentation at Expo 2020

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EXPO 2020 in Paris, capital of France rating-related decisions will be made of the candidate cities before the end of the afternoon session had made their presentations.

EXPO 2020 in Paris, capital of France rating-related decisions will be made of the candidate cities before the end of the afternoon session had made their presentations. Dubai, Sao Paulo and Ekaterinburg, presentation of the advantages of the city, why they wanted the expo, speeches and talked with video demonstrations. During the presentation of Sao Paulo, the delegates were given a mini live concert. Following the recent presentation made Ekaterinburg Izmir.
presenter Defne Samyeli'nin his İzmir, the last presentation of the first speech of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu,"Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea meeting point. Peace, democracy, peace and prosperity of the center. 15 million hinterland focus point of Izmir on behalf of an historic achievement more for signing huzurlarınızdayız. 2,005 in home we have undertaken the Universiade organizing committee by the date of the most successful college games have been chosen. And now, as Turkey attended the first expo the full 169 years later, this significant organization can host the We're here for. entire world are ready to embrace. 2015 nomination process we learned a lot. Excellent expo's prescription now know very well. you, 120 countries and 35 million visitors will be an excellent organization promises are. participating countries and visitors a dreamlike atmosphere will meet . because of history's most impressive EXPO area are preparing. 'health for all' theme, according to the heart of İzmir, İnciraltı full 690 hectares permanent health tourism region are forming. around the world from all over the health of the people will find this feature in the center EXPO the spirit of receive permanent healing will distribute. proudly say, today, you can swim the bay with the objective world's most important environmental projects, one of the İzmir are applying. Now close your eyes and 2020 zmir you imagine. Mediterranean sea in the gulf spanning over o Do you like the iodine smell, assorted fish flavor feel. And the shortest path to the shore reach yourself Izmir in the heart of the Aegean in the cool waters leave. 2020 zmir on the narrative of what a significant portion already realized. We believe that, in İzmir Bay this amazing transformation in the world 'century's most important environmental projects between' will be remembered. you and the entire world, in 2020 in Izmir, Izmir, this success story to witness the urge,"he said. After the speech of the President of Izmir EXPO Kocaoğlu'nun video was broadcasted delegates.
the Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu the bench," EXPO 2020 towards the long end of the journey we have reached today, you only 75 million inhabitants of a country as Minister of Health, but the Turkish people, people of Izmir as the voice of want to appeal. We EXPO 2020 Izmir's extraordinary efficiently to the expo for the conversion, diligent and committed way we work. 'Cause I know, A Better World for the New Roads/Health for All contact to be made any progress, everyone in the world and therefore BIE concerns. Izmir integrated health project in the permanent facilities, Izmir's many health branches worldwide positioned to ensure scientific progress, meetings and conferences to host will allow. we as Turkey EXPO 2020 ' to're ready. EXPO host city to be a great honor. And this honor, a great responsibility also brings with it. Turkey we, this responsibility are willing to assume. EXPO 2020 Izmir's vision and purpose of the world around health-related permanent effects is to leave. Present your choice, similar four bids and four city ratings to choose one is not. Today your decision, which the city BIE's mission and EXPO vision of the city proper to be related to will be. Everybody health with the theme of the whole world, equitable and accessible health services for the necessity of once again highlight istiyorum.türki as the whole of humanity to a healthy future to reach, hoping Izmir's bid respectfully we offer,"he said. Ministers
İzmir after Müezzinoğlu second promotional film, was presented to the hall through Projector, has received great applause.
"We share the same spirit of our ATA"
"Turkish Hawking, known as"life in a wheelchair Ordinaryüs Prof. pass. Honor Güntürk said:"Yes, I of this magnificent city a kid being proud. My ancestors, eight thousand five hundred years ago, settled in Izmir. They water the spirit of the Clean believes and their patients in order to improve water goddess monuments would do. My ancestors built their medicine school students in diseases of the gods curse but curable diseases they taught were Greeks. Town's gorgeous son Homer, still our hearts and touches the immortal epics has created here. My ancestors of the Romans and the Byzantines were. they in health to advance in antiquity all the medical information gathered together would bring. My ancestors Seljuks and Ottomans were. they for everyone, healthy living which is a must baths were built. their time in Izmir, health, water and bathhouses became the city. Today I'm a Turkey Republic citizen. And we, assign our same spirit we share. guess I EXPO 2020 for 'health for all' vision of why we chose the better you understand. This is my own life also echoes. 1,962 in the city's doctors to save my life for over a month incessantly fought. currently can rest assured that , today Izmir Turkey's most disabled-friendly city. Izmir when visiting the modern with the city will be introduced, as well as eight thousand five hundred years civilization history again will live. Sometimes İzmir'deyk my eyes shut and Homer's also the sound of waves and seagulls hear the screams and skin in the same warm breeze felt I would imagine. At that time, what I really feel, and I, all different faiths, languages, cultures and a common human civilization, establishing eternal people chain'm a member of. And that humanity is still in this wonderful city road continues . become a global vision to bring this vision to join us. in Izmir EXPO 2020 to join us"gave expression to the place.
Güntürkün the then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's video message to the delegates of the BIA has been published. Prime Minister Erdogan message, "EXPO 2020, A kdeniz, the Balkans, the Caucasus terms is of great importance. Izmir, 48 countries, 1.5 reagent people three hours away due EXPO're looking for. EXPO government for all of our facilities are mobilizing . 8 thousand 500 years of history in Izmir, you will never forget the hospitality at its best, will host. Izmir your support esirgemeyin. Everybody health ideal together make it happen,"he said.
"HOST to the READY"
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Yıldırım,"A few hours later EXPO 2020 world exhibition held city to vote with your account. Now you such a city düşleme your I want; thousands of years of history, with many great cradle of civilization between east and west meet, different ethnic backgrounds and belief of the people in peace and harmony for hundreds of years they lived together, Christendom's most holy places of the Virgin Mary's house and the great Islamic scholar Imam Birgivi His Holiness the grave of hosts, spa, health, faith, sea and nature tourism as a center of recognized for centuries in agriculture, industry and commerce in the heart found, artificial air-conditioning systems and not because of natural climate with four seasons can live, by Victor Hugo 'City of the princess' recognized as a city. Dreams that this city, my city Izmir. you the health for all 'and' a better world, a new ways, where there is Izmir invite. Izmir, Turkey for the last 10 years have the political and economic dynamism, in parallel with economic prosperity share too took. For this reason, we come so far the best ever expo hosts are willing to do. Izmir candidacy from the beginning always positive and ethical campaigned. Now, when the decision making time. Yesterday decide what's fair and expo philosophy, a decision will be is faith. these everyone in the room and four candidates in last one and half years running for the team would like to thank. y'all in 2020 in Izmir wish to see,"he spoke.
Yıldırım, the language they use with other cities 'Goodbye' was saying goodbye, it was applause. Turkey is also the promotional video"Ready"message was shared.
Decision local rating at 14.30 to begin. 167 BIE delegates, to vote. Izmir, ranks 3rd in the list. Vote at the polls for the first time this year, the electronic system will be used instead.

Completes Turkey Presentation at Expo 2020" comments for.


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