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  • 20 Aralık 2013, Cuma 12:34

Computer And Air Conditioning Blind Can you

Computer And Air Conditioning Blind Can you
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Dünyagöz Adana Hospital Oper.

Adana news: Dünyagöz Adana Hospital Oper. Dr.. Competent Ozgen, a large portion of the day spent at the beginning of the conditioned medium and the computer is faced with the risk of dry eye, it can cause blindness, he said.
Ozgen said that, for most of the day spent at the beginning of the screen is defined as a chronic disorder of eye dryness and methods used in the treatment of a variety of drugs, he said. Ozgen, defined as the eye shield the eyes of tears, the cornea, the transparent front surface that prevents irritation of the nerves of the eye that allows you to see more clearly and comfortably said. Tears of the eye receiving oxygen and nutrition to help you stating that Ozgen,"Tears in the structure substances through the outsiders against diseases of the eye defensive barrier is. Foreign substances eye contact in case of eye washes away. Tear lack reviewing serious long-term problems, even blindness even lead to a situation that can lead,"he said.
Ozgen, the day the vast majority of computers at work and at home television beginning in patients with dry eyes increased risk of telling, with dry air ventilated air-conditioned offices, dry eyes increases the risk was emphasized. These environmental conditions for employees with her regularly and eye check carried about on the alert Ozgen, said:
"Besides outdoor conditions for employees in certain risk are available. Global warming the atmosphere together with the change of outdoor conditions working in similar situations to the emergence of Can cause. long-term contact lens wearers with dry eyes also need to be careful about."
Oper. Dr.. Competent Ozgen, eye dryness of the eye caused by the suppression of the defense system, noting, therefore allergies, eye diseases such as keratitis and more can affect konjontivit said. Primarily against dry eye in the offices that you need to increase the rate of moisture Oper. Dr.. Competent Ozgen, suggested the use of sunglasses in sunny conditions. Oper. Dr.. Competent Ozgen, the first step in the treatment of dry eye is expressed as artificial tears, tears, tears ducts to reduce the loss of voiced obturation closed. More advanced stages of the disease, cancer and disrupts the balance of the body's defense mechanisms (autoimmune) disease Cyclosporine is used in the diluted drug obtained by the applicant describing what Oper. Dr.. Competent Ozgen,"Eye dryness used in the treatment of this drug seriously positive results provide. Drug currently successfully severe dry eye in the eye dryness caused by systemic diseases is being used,"he said.

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