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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:17

Computer Course from the Police

Computer Course from the Police
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Mus Police Department and Turkey Business Association ( İş-Kur ) was held at the Provincial Directorate of cooperation in computer courses for young people who were given certificates to successful trainees .

Muş news: Photo Polisevinde the ceremony Governor Vedat Büyükersoy , Provincial Police Director Faik Aksu , İş-Kur Provincial Director Mehmet Emin Taylor , the Director of Education Cevdet Arslan, Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Ali trainees with an eagle and joined the security members . Valerie Büyükersoy Governor gave a speech at the ceremony , which was held in the computer training police said they had completed their certificates to young people . After that it will continue such activities , various courses in vocational behalf will be opened and that the community will be addressed in various sectors . Photo stressed that prevent him from doing the primary task of the police of such activities Büyükersoy ; \"There are even contributing factor . Police to mingle with all segments of the location , get to know them , which have to be with them and is an organization believes in the benefits of it. If the police have fused how much society , however, the result of this fusion, we will see that we are as positive in the fight against crime and criminals and we see . every sector of society our citizens. here young people we deploy certificates , our young people. they are not teenagers with crime , innocent youth. Velev in our city or commit crimes in our county youth , albeit they are our young , our citizens . our only with trouble-cutting establish a good dialogue , you can not have the luxury of leaving from problematic that sector. We will continue to everyone to embrace , but the need to embrace the law will be brought in each time instead of the doubt . the rule of law is a sine qua non of this country. the peace in the community , for the lack of peace and confidence we all need the rule of law is always there . is no rule of law , no one does not want to live in a society where there is no public order. Police and gendarmerie are also the institutions that serve in maintaining public order. Air should be for all of us as public order , such as water, an element that we need . I hope that there is peace in our province , we will continue to security . While maintaining also like the activities that we have done a bit before , even better , will carry on in different branches and acquiring vocational our youth national education also about to be successful in life , public education , municipal or parallel to the activities they have done to other civil society organizations , joint activities with them we will continue to play , \"he said . after the speeches photo successful trainees were given certificates .


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