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  • 15 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 10:14

Computer understands how you feel

Computer understands how you feel
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Technology continues to amaze us every day, and progress.

Thanks to this technology is advancing every day, or if he is happy about your computers or whether you understand tickled pink. Considered this possibility of developing technology that can give us.

In this way, the companies advertising on the Internet is said to be understood how people react to give it.

Çıkmayacağını a problem that experts regard the privacy of one's own desire to be applied in this application is monitored permitting transfers. In doing so, say the biometric monitoring method to use. Also you need is a webcam application of this method in the standard.

This technology is currently a volunteer before a big-budget advertising campaigns used to understand how people would react.

Realeyes company using this method at the moment. In his statements to the company's General Manager Jaatma ads in the future of this technology for users stated that they intended to have a more meaningful and less annoying.

In the tests, as well as certain feelings of confusion, disgust, anger, and confusion of emotions I was told it agree.

This technology can be used in many areas and can benefit Jaatma loved the descriptions.

Jaatma a computer can understand feelings of the people also claim that it would be many benefits. Jaatma approaching the end of the statement "a web site, you understand that I'm unhappy because I could not find what I was looking Consider? This kind of data collection will be part of a great internet experience." That concludes the statement says.

Computer understands how you feel" comments for.


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