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  • 15 Temmuz 2013, Pazartesi 14:37

ÇOMÜ'nün 'scientific support' success

ÇOMÜ'nün 'scientific support' success
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COMU (ÇOMÜ), Scientific Research Council was given the most support among the universities in the first seven.

ÇOMÜ'lü scientists managed to support 18 applications were made in 2012. TÜBİTAK faculty members involved in panels and Turkey in terms of the number of applications was one of the most successful.

The winners of last year, according to the projects eligible for support at the peak of the first sequence shows 30, 31, the project has the support of the University of the Aegean. It is followed by 30 project, Bilkent University. ÇOMÜ the support of 18 projects taking place in the seventh. There are five projects with the support of the University of Eskişehir Eyup end of the sequence.

ÇOMÜ, added to the previous year, a total of 28 projects in 2012, with the conclusion of the project has achieved significant success in taking. Project, the most widely accepted, and therefore the most supported universities, with Sabancı University 10 took place. In the same year, more than 170 institutions in terms of the number of applications of TUBITAK projects applying best 15 was in college.

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