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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:06

Condemnation of Israel from Jerusalem siverek Platform

Condemnation of Israel from Jerusalem siverek Platform
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Platform Siverek-in Sanliurfa Siverek Jerusalem , Israel condemned the attack on the Masjid al-Aqsa .

Şanlıurfa news: Photo Siverek district came together in Jerusalem Kanlıku Square parade was organized by the Platform members walk. Republic shouting slogans condemning Israel and walk the Freedom street walking platform members , they read the Holy Quran before Lezgo Park. Then Siverek press release on behalf of Jerusalem Platform Mahmoud Hanpolat said:Photo \"as a tumor confirmed the heart of the Islamic geography in 1948 placed the Zionist Israeli occupation started is since sixty years , cruelty, massacre tries to move torture groundbreaking of a new phase . this is a terrorist state , staring into the eyes of one and a half billion Muslims , the first qibla which is our Al-Aqsa Mosque to purify Muslim , then to Judaization by tiptoe to build in the synagogues, trying to pollute with unclean boots literally is the patience of the Muslim world .
US and particularly Britain , including his cohorts , the all ambitions on the Islamic countries , Muslims capture the political , cultural as self simulate and Muslims are performing the kill each other to politics. It is since the decade of political forces on the Muslim population , military , economic, cultural hegamonyayl Muslim peoples unresponsive, persecution sound subtraction , lazy , they want to transform a reading stack . Encouraged by our first Qibla here Aqsa Masjid-i are brutally attacked .
Global arrogant powers are likely to come together in the face of all Muslims en tr shaking. They all ventured from the Muslim peoples of the division , the fragmented , they could not receive joint action . This oppressed peoples to stand up and Omar will remove from the bosom of a Saladin-i Ayyub . \"After reading the prayer Photo crowd then dispersed quietly read the press release .


Condemnation of Israel from Jerusalem siverek Platform" comments for.


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