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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 17:36

Condemnation of Israel from the Women's Association reyyan

Condemnation of Israel from the Women's Association reyyan
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Reyyan Van Women's Association, has condemned Israel in a press statement .

Van news: Reyyan Van Women's Association, has condemned Israel in a press statement .
Hz . In a press release held in the courtyard of the Mosque of Omar speaking Reyyan Van Women's Association President Necla is Gulac Barley , Israel's Gaza deaths every year in the month of Ramadan , especially when oil ; women, the elderly , and children saying cruel and cold-blooded killing them self has adopted motto and receive a portion of humanity , he said. Words are inadequate , this persecution , albeit a bit to raise their voices in Gaza for Muslims one heart to create awareness of Israel a moment ago that this assault to stop printing to create and Gazan Muslims seek help from Allah to come together they stressed Gulac the \"definitely and absolutely silent should not be . should not be afraid and believed people no time shall not cease . We must know God an account on there ,\"he said .
Van Reyyan Women's Association of Israel on Gaza is unfair , disproportionate war was absolutely against that expressing Gulac is , \"for God's sake this injustice , oppression , lack of conscience to end the'm asking , how many innocent babies have to die ? how many mothers of their sons torn limb from the ground to collect ? how many fathers sons of the odor saturation them from the soil to bury ? how many fathers helplessly along the walls of their sons back to cry ? few thousand more people have to die ? \"he said .
this insult only in Palestine but the whole Islamic world made ​​in emphasizing the Gulac , \"The Islamic countries I call . guys when are you will ? when the nation will be ?'m asking for God's sake , when? \"said.
Description Israel in the female MPs Ayalet Shaked Palestinian women for the consumables which have been saying Referring Gulac the conversation continued as follows .
\"As a woman fellow that I this creature I am ashamed of . His name womanhood, Camden and anneliği ashamed of my . course, it also has a calculator will be . earth and sky witness whether the supreme God made ​​these atrocities unrequited will not leave . here all women in the world to call out Israel bullets can not finish it , maybe , but Israel's goods receiving , by boycotting can finish . Responsibility üstlenel let this cruelty Let's end . \"

Condemnation of Israel from the Women's Association reyyan" comments for.


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