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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 12:47

Congeners 9 Monthly turnover was 3.3 billion TL

Congeners 9 Monthly turnover was 3.3 billion TL
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Turkey's Petkim raw material in the petrochemical producer in a single location, the 9-month period, a turnover of £ 3.3 billion , gross profit of TL 132.6 million , helped 2.56 million in net profit.

İzmir news: Photo Petkim General Manager Sadettin Korkut, 144 million dollars in stating that they are to complete the capacity expansion investments and date the maintenance period , \"we took congeners is an important step towards making an institution whose investments provide a strong EBITDA . the effect of this investment in the coming days We will begin to see . We will provide positive contribution to our economy by making a positive impact on Turkey's current account deficit, \"he said. Photo Petkim Petrochemical Holding AS turnover of £ 3.3 billion in the first nine months , gross profit of TL 132.6 million , helped 2.56 million net profit . Covering the 3rd quarter in the company's July-September period , sales were 862.6 million , while gross profit balance stayed at 21.3 million. Factory in investment and maintenance due to said the impact of the canceled production period was announced losses of 53 million TL. Photo Petkim General Manager Sadettin Korkut, stating that they are a total of 144 million capacity increase investments reached USD and date to complete the maintenance period , congeners strong EBITDA towards making an investment institution providing said they took an important step . The year of the impact of the investments made since the last quarter , which would start seeing Korkut, \"Manufacturers of us will have increased the amount of supplied through Turkey's raw materials we produce for . We will provide positive contribution to our economy by making a positive contribution to Turkey's current account deficit. In addition , the annual natural gas for less natural gas consumed as inputs in production bill of us will decrease , \"he said . Photo Korkut, the main product from the ethylene plant capacity that ethylene is produced annually 520 thousand tons will reach 588 thousand tons, so that reduced energy and raw material consumption in units , noted that increased operational efficiency. Korkut, stating that provides intermediate products to other factories in Ethylene Plant plant in Turkey said they would be pleased to make an investment that will make a positive contribution to the current account deficit . Congeners capacity and efficiency increase , which focuses on the market as well as investment in sustainable profitability Korkut said that he acted with an approach that puts the target , \"holding in all processes and logistics to production in the operational efficiency of the foreground and the emphasis on variables that can be controlled we want to sustain profitability ,\"he said . < Br/> capacity increase of RES aND CONTAINER PORT OF FOLLOW-UP wILL Photo Turkey ethylene in the scope of incentives number two strategic investment and PTA plants Petkim after the capacity expansion work , be prepared to complete two major investment in the site. Congeners to be brought into a company that produces more value Wind Power Plant and Petkim Container Sadettin voicing continued the countdown to the Port Korkut, said:\"In terms of all the commerce of the region to the great importance container port will start berthing ships in September next year. At currently Phase-1 and Phase-2 excavation , dock filling and piling work has been completed by 75 per cent. the Turkish industrialists Piraeus and to get rid of losing time in ports such as Alexandria , exporter firms freight costs will be reduced. in addition, the wind we plan to begin production at the end of 2015 on the peninsula energy first phase on the way to energy diversity with the Power Plant 12 percent of the energy we need is complete, we will have met here. \"Photo OIL 80 DOLLARS AN IMPORTANT resistance Photo Petkim General Manager Sadettin Korkut, in the last quarter of the year , the European region , China, Japan and the continuing low growth in many developing countries , said that oppress the global commodity demand and prices . Korkut said about global markets:\"Geopolitical Problems, The end of quantitative easing administration and the Fed's interest rate increase plans, for developing countries , declining capital/cash flow, increasing rates and leads to developments such as the inflationary pressures. As of October 2014 accelerating downward trend as a result of the decline in global commodity prices to the lowest level in the last 5 years. the decline in demand , as well as to increase the production of significant reserves of the country and the appreciation rates of the US dollar , increasing even more the pressure resulting from June onwards , the gradual decline of pressure on çevirdi.fiyat in free fall Although the market continued operating elements , the revenue loss of oil producing countries , budget problems, and the oil extraction costs in line with the $ 80/BRL an important resistance level \"


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