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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:08

Congress Process in the AK Party

Congress Process in the AK Party
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AK Party election of delegates was held in Zonguldak Organization .

Zonguldak news: AK Party election of delegates was held in Zonguldak Organization . Photo 25 of 26 October 2014 stated that the decision in the election of delegates Zonguldak Central District Chairman of AK Party Text KARADUMAN building the party in the morning he came to the game. Financing Karaduman providing information about elections is more interest , he said:
\"15 September as Congress began our calendar. October 25 and the 26 October date, our provincial presidency regarding election of delegates took such a decision. 8 in our district Saturday and delegates , including Sunday we carry selections. after the course, delegates elections continue our calendar. we will hope the congressional districts in the next process in the next stage. Central District Chairman of us , we set up commissions of 6 people . our colleagues in the Commission study regarding the conventions and election of delegates are continuing at this time. with the next process in congress we have made the congress of our central district presidency performing related preparations. here we perform a different delegate elections than when past congresses to identify delegates. headquarters in accordance with criteria from the three-headed organization we have taken part in friends who make their determination delegates about it in the committee. A, B and C criteria. Our friends took part in the party , friends old and the new organizational structure , craftsmen , businessmen, we have our friends have taken part in civil society organizations registered for the first time within friends. All are within these criteria. In accordance with these criteria did their colleagues identified the delegates. I wish you good luck I hope for our party. Available on the Congress had 400 delegates to be chosen. However, about 30 of our friends on the course, delegates district administration , we have gone to two congressional districts in the municipality had a total of 432 delegates with our president . I wish good luck to be elected delegates who are already my friends. Election of delegates and congress will do the next process, I say good luck to our party. \"Photo

Congress Process in the AK Party" comments for.


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